I don't know anything about Itunes and have a question

While I’ve had a mp3 player for several years, I’ve never bothered with Itunes. Now a foreign band I’m interested in has only released their album digitally via ITunes, meaning I have to go through that service to get it. The link says I need to install Itunes to purchase the album.

Assuming I do that, is it simple to just take the files and copy them over to my prefered music management software? I thought I’d heard Itunes wasn’t as difficult as it used to be in that regard, but I’d rather check first.

sure. they’ll be m4a, not mp3, but other than that they’re only files in a folder structure somewhere, just search for them on the drive and put them anywhere.

Thanks. My player supports several formats, so that isn’t an issue.

Edit: Well this is frustrating. I installed Itunes but now I can’t seem to buy the album. It doesn’t show up in the US store and if I try and switch stores to the country where the band is from it shows up there but wants a local address when I try and buy it. Am I missing something or is this really only available to people who live there via Itunes? Looking around via google it looks like I’m pretty much out of luck until this album is released to the US market.

Pretty much. That’s not an iTunes issue, that’s entirely down to the labyrinthine nature of international music licensing.

Edit: if you do figure out a way to purchase the album via itunes, make sure it’s ‘iTunes Plus’ - that means no DRM. The ast majority of newly-added music on the itunes music store is Plus but you still get the odd label that won’t allow Apple to stick it up with no DRM.

sarkus, tell me the band and album, if it’s available here I’ll buy it DRM free and dropbox it to you, you can paypal me the money.

Isn’t it still as easy as burning an audio CD and re-ripping the tracks to strip out the DRM?

There’s no DRM on iTunes tracks anymore.

It’s an Australian band called The Break and as far as I can tell the album is only available in Australia at this point.

Ack, I bought an album a couple of days ago, synced it to my iPod Touch 3GS but forgot to bring a copy to add to my other workstation today. I’ve seen recommendations to browse the device in Windows and just grab the files from there, but I can only see images, nothing else (despite toggling on the display of hidden files and folders). Am I missing a step?

Edit: Never mind, a solution has already been posted here (Ephpod/CopyTrans).