I don't want a 4X space game, I want a 2X space game

Well, one could fire up DOSBox and run, say, Omnitrend’s “Rules of Engagement 1/2”, you know.

There are good mods for SFC2? I liked that game, and I’m not sure what Miramon is talking about. Did 2 allow the sort of stuff you are talking about? I don’t remember it. I just remember thinking it would be especially cool if the Dynaverse actually worked.

3 was a terrible game.

Don’t get too excited about digging up SFC2. The game is indeed great, but the AI doesn’t put up much challenge, and it’s hard to find online opposition that you’d want to play against. At least that’s my recollection from booting it up a year ago or so.

That said, if there were enough people here interested in some friendly (default speed) pick-up games…

Hm, perhaps I’ve confused my recollection of which SFC is which. It was a long time ago. I do remember thinking it funny that they could never get a really simple thing like the “dynaverse” to work properly in the single player game from release to release.

The dynaverse never did get well sorted out IIRC.

The idea was inherently broken IMHO, in the way that online persistent real time games always tend to be (the most effective strategy is to abuse the AI while your opponents aren’t online), so I was never terribly excited about it anyway. Maybe it’d work if you only played it with a set group of friends when they were all available, and simply turned it off otherwise, sort of like an episodic RTS. I never had a chance to try it that way though.

YES! Gdamn. If no one makes this game then I’ll find a way to make it myself…

I might point out that while romulans were powerful in a 1v1 or small enagement, they were absolutely the worst race you could pick in a fleet enagagement. Though I guess people rarely play fleet battles in SFB.

Also SFC was ok for duels but controlling multiple ships REALLY sucked.

Well from what I understand the big kahuna of SFC3 mods is Generations At War, but I’m not sure if that qualifies since just looking over the readme it sort of sounds like half of the purpose of the mod itself was to make the game more like SFC2.

More recently, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident has most of those elements and plays somewhat like SFC in 3D. And you are not limited to 3 ships.

Starfleet Command was the closest game that I’ve played to this, but had no real strategic layer, plus was buggy as hell.

Aside: Whenever I mention Starfleet Command, I have to give shout-out props to the guy who thought it would be great to have all the missions coded in C and loaded as DLLs. Great idea. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the game crashing every 5 seconds.

Anyway, back to the 2X game. Yes, Honorverse in space would be great.

Rules of Engagement 2…

Aside: Rules of Engagement 2 was the only DOS game that I ever ran into that wanted both EMS and XMS, at the same time. I had to set up a section in my MultiConfiged config.sys file, next to my Falcon 3.0 section, just to handle it.

I’ll look at Nexus. Seems interesting.

Incidentally, at one point there was a large group working very successfully at a TC of Homeworld (or Homeworld II) to the Honorverse setting, but David Weber himself shut them down.

Most of the mods were either to add better ship graphics (some higher rez ships from Star Trek TV/movies, and some to revert back to the SFB renderings of the ships), or to get better play balance between ships and races.

Re: SFC is buggy: Yes, it was. But SFC and SFC2 patched were very stable for me.

Re: AI is not a challenge in single-player: Yes, once you get a hang of the interface, it can be. I remember setting up custom battles (very easy to do) to fight above my weight class, ie DDs vs CAs, or to fight outnumbered, etc.

That kind of challenge has nothing to do with the AI, and abusing masses of stupid opponents just isn’t something I find amusing. I’m not knocking the AI per se, as they did a great job considering how tactically complex SFC is, but it’s simply not fun to play against for very long.

This is especially highlighted if you play the Hydrans, where your opponents will routinely, actively, try to get into your range 0 melting zone. It’s better if you play another race where the range differences are a bit more subtle, but in general the AI is very ham fisted.

Did he state his reasons? It ought to have been a compliment.

Would the HW2 engine have been able to use a very heavy missile/countermeasure approach to combat? I know it definately wasn’t geared for the distances/speeds Honor books portray but there’s no reason you couldn’t ‘pretend’ the wishy washy color of the background was just extreme motion blur…

According to Clausewitz all war is political.

Didn’t David Weber quarrel with the dude who did fan insignia for the Honorverse? I have no idea who was in the right for that dispute, though.

Majesty in space.

  • Alan

He stated that the project weakened his IP rights; basically that if he didn’t shut them down, he would then be less able to shut down any future project that he actually dissaproved of. At least, I think that’s what the issue was.

The Honorverse mod was I think placed before missile pods, so that wasn’t as much of an issue, and they did manage to get decoys and countermeasures working properly.

If so, he’d have been technically right about that, but he could still have cut them a specific license for a $1 and yet kept all his rights.

Some authors are simply protective of what they’ve created; can’t say I fault them.