I dream of Tom Chick

So I had a dream last night. I decided to have a "Shoot Club Sleep Over, and invited Tom Chick, other unspecified QT3 people, and various people from work.

So we played Battlefield 2, and other games in my dream.

Then it got wierd.

Tom Chick climbed inside a burlap bag, and challenged everyone to see if they could severely injure him. So I took up the challenge, and starting smacking the bag, with Tom inside, against the furniture, the wall, whatever. It must have been working, because Tom employed a tricky plan. He sent 2 red-heads, one of which was his girlfriend, to distract me while he escaped the bag. This worked well, until I started feeling up Tom’s girlfriend, which brought on booing and jeers from the rest of QT3, seated at a patio table nearby.

The next morning, we had breakfast, one of the people from my work started crying because I never paid attention to him, and Tom and I made up by playing with the PS2’s Eye-Toy’s pack-in games.


What does it all mean?

You sure this doesn’t belong in the sociopath thread?

… Yeah.

Holy shit dude, don’t ever admit something like that in public again.

You can’t really do a good dream analasis without knowing how the person felt during the events in question. Tell us what you can remember of your feelings. For example, did you feel any remorse when you started feeling up Tom’s girl? How did you feel about beating that sack against the wall?

You can’t really do good dream analysis only knowing the actions. Of course, you may have forgotten most of the feelings by now, but just relate the single strongest feeling from the entire dream and I’ll come up with something.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think everyone has that dream.


A post freaked out Whitta… what the hell do we do now?!

Normally, I think hearing people talk about their dreams is tedious. But sometimes there are exceptions.


P.S. Hey, how about that Eye-Toy, huh?

And some of us…some of us, my friend, live that dream.

I smelled that dream.

15, 17, 43, 44, 48. Bonus number: 29.

oddly enough thats a lottery ticket I got the other day. ROGER ARE YOU SUPERNATURAL?

Even better, Roger is a SUPER FREAK. Superfreaky, yow!

I think you have it all wrong.

I’ll toast to that.


That boggles the mind. I thik that means Xpav beat the end guy of QT3 and all we have left to look forward to is the credits and maybe a nice cutscene.

I’m not sure whether Brian not having started this thread scares me more than the inclination that he perhaps might have.

“He wasn’t wearing loafers, was he?”