I feel dumb: Stuck in Brutal Legend

I’m what I assume is about half-way thought the game. I just defeated Lionwhite and saw the cutscene. After that is a drive-fast-y getaway sequence that’s giving me problems.

I go for a bit, get the cutaway to show me bursting out from between Lionwhite’s legs. Then I go down a hill, turn left, turn right and go down another hill, turn right a little more. At that point, I pull up to a Fan geyser and I can’t find where to go after that. It looks like all the roads are blocked, to me. I’m sure there’s a way out, though, because if you get out of the car, you die after about 2 seconds, and if you stay in the car, you die in about 5 seconds. I feel like an idiot, but I’ve done this sequence literally 15 times and have gotten to this same place all 15 times and haven’t found a way out.



I figured that posting that would make me figure it out on the next try, and I was right.