I feel myself coming down with a case of

excessive tiredness due to shift work sleep disorder.




Taking PROVIGIL has had a great impact as far as I can tell

  • Richard N.

Emphasis mine. Best. Testimonial. EVAR.

Umm… guys? There’s this white powder called “speed” that’s been around for 50 years. Oh, and there’s another white powder called “cocaine” which has been around for quite awhile as well. Wait a second… coffee has been around for a millenium or two.

Don’t we have laws in this country prohibiting false advertising?

Pink hearts, baby!

Provigil really does seem to be something of a wonder-drug, (I haven’t tried it.)

It is said to activate only “wakefulness” centers of the brain (unlike amphetamines and most other stimulants, which activate many centers) and also has no negative consequences for brain receptors (again unlike amphetamines and most other stimulants, which tend to burn them out.) The drug causes no physical addiction, and seems to work just as well with repeated doses as it does the first time. Merely being “wakeful” does seem to have very minor euphoric qualities, but it doesn’t turn you into a maniac or an idiot like various other such drugs.

Apart from a rather small number of people who experience rather minor side-effects, the only negative consequences of the drug appear to be those that would come from staying up a long time anyway (i.e. eventually you will either go insane or die from your immune system shutting down if you just keep taking doses and never go to sleep)

I believe, after many years of issuing methedrine, the US Air Force has switched over or is switching over to Provigil for their pilots who have to solo long flights.

I got a .38 special up on the shelf
(I’ll sleep when I’m dead)
If I start acting stupid I’ll shoot myself
(and I’ll sleep when I’m dead.)

Speaking of white powders that promote wakefulness: peppermint lifesavers.

Best thing ever for long roadtrips, I’ve found, and often works better than caffiene in any form at work, for me personally.

Back when I was a smoker, cigarettes did an amazing job. Of course, my car and I smelled awful after 14-16 hours on the road of almost non-stop smoking.

I stayed awake, but was the price worth it? Next time on Sally Jesse Raphael.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Not this this should generate any interest, but I’m picking up my prescription for Provigil this afternoon. I’ve got another medication that causes me to be exhausted in the late afternoon/early evening, and we’re hoping this will counter it.

Quirky stuff:

One of the side effects is listed as “difficulty sleeping”. Um, duh?

You know what really keeps you awake? Driving nails through your scrotum. It works!

Yeah, but how long can you keep that up?

Looks like staples would work too. (NSFW)

I refuse to click on that link, even if Whitta didn’t post it.

Depends on how many nails you have.

lucky duck!

the brother of a guy i work with is also on provigil. intererestly, he says that he has no problems sleeping. he can take a pill in the morning and is still able to take a nap in the afternoon, if he feels like it.

Looks like staples would work too. (NSFW)[/quote]

The title of that dare makes me sad.

According to my Levitra prescription, I only have to worry if my erection lasts for more than four hours.

Well, incompetent pharmacy has thwarted me, at least until this afternoon.

Did the guy you know of have any problems sleeping at night when he did take a nap?

My deal is that I get exhausted at some point between 3pm and 8pm, for about 2 hours. It doesn’t matter if I take a nap or not, I’m wide awake come 11pm, and have trouble sleeping.

I figured the doctor would prescribe something to help me sleep at night, but I suppose that that stuff tends towads the addictive (at least, that was the warning with Ambien).

Of course now I’m forced to deal with the HMO who requires a prior authorization for Provigil, which of course didn’t happen and now getting the doctor’s office to give that to the HMO so the pharmacy can bill them is like finding the ark.

Arise old thread! I looked for the title “Provigil” and this was the closest I could get.

I started a 2-week course of Provigal this afternoon and now - suddenly - 8 hours after my first dose, my heart rate shoots up for no reason, I feel terribly anxious, and there’s a high-pitched whine in my ears. Called the Pharmacist and he just derided me for taking it in the afternoon and wasn’t much help (script didn’t come in until 2:00pm). For those that take Provigil, is this normal?
Unnecessary reading (why I’m on it):
Since my last infection (in which I slept ~18 hours a day) I’ve been on an upside-down schedule. This happens a lot. I’ve desperately tried to fix it for the past few weeks, but my body/mind is just molasses after a night of sleeping (lungs are a mess in the morning to boot). Now my nieces are coming to spend the next 2 weeks! and I’ve got to get on a schedule where I can wake up and be alert in the early morning so they’re not left alone. So I have a 2 week supply as I figured my schedule would be set after 14 days.

The symptoms you describe happened to me the first time I tried Pepsi Max. Though you should add in an intense, mindless rage.