I finely did it

and took the plunge and ordered my first miniatures for Flames of War I purchased the 2nd Rulebook and the Afrika intelligence handbook last year, but I’ve been putting off buying minis mainly because I’m totally new to miniature gaming and its an expensive hobby (what if I don’t like it?) Anyway I decide what the hell I’m sure to like it, I like miniatures, I like history, I like tactical wargaming, I like the painting and terrain building…well hopefully.

So I ordered the beginning (655pts) of my British Motor 1500pt company ($140.00 with paints—> on sale) now I have invested around $220 in this game, so now I have to like it ;-)

But the point of this thread is does anyone here play FoW? There should be some miniature gamers around here, right?

(How could you not like a game that looks like this?)

Very fine.

I hate it when people do things coarsely. Well done.

You can’t play with toys over the internet.

Can you post a more panoramic shot? How much space does that take up?


6’x4’ for normal games

Good graphics. Looks like a Pixar movie.

My friend’s been painting Flames of War miniatures for a while now. He hasn’t actually played with anyone yet, but he seems to get lots of satisfaction just from getting/preparing the pieces.

I was going to add my voice to the chorus belittling you for your choice of adverbs, but I have looked at that game several times in the store and it does look pretty cool. A buddy and I were talking about starting it up, be he’s got the attention span of a four-year-old…so that didn’t work out.

Still, I’d love to hear some feedback on how the game actually plays.

Ha! After looking at the pic, I thought the out of focus tree was a plume of smoke after a shell hit. And then I read that they were miniatures… was like, woah, they’re even making smoke miniatures now… and then looked closer… anyway. Cool.

Almost as good as World in Conflict!

I dont play FOW but I am a miniatures gamer I only use homebrew rules though. 2mm naps, rcw and ecw, 15mm dba , ww1 & 2 skirmish, 1/6000 naval, ww1 & modern plus spaceships, lots and lots of spaceships :)

You ruined it for me; I was still blissfully mistaken.

I was just checking out the FoW catalogues last night. There’s something about the infantry figures that makes me think that they’re all dwarfs. I think it’s the proportion- in real life, a figure is about 6 heads high and those minis average about 5 heads high. If I had time and money, I’d be getting into these as well.
As it is, I have an entire Warhammer army that is still half-painted, looking at me every time I go into my den.

The pic came off of Battlefronts bootcamp page, so yeah its a little staged. But still its a good example of what a miniatures game can look like with a little elbow grease and talent.

WOW, where do you find the time :-)

The old fashioned way. No TV and be a bad dad by not spending more time with the kids :) Also I do it all solo which helps me game at decent time intervals.

I once thought about loading up on these miniatures (a friend seems hellbent on dropping hundreds on A&A minis for potential use in other rulesets).

Of course I actually have no interest in painting them, so I had thought about doing any US forces all green, Germans dark grey, British tan. It wouldn’t be pretty, but it seemed like it would be functional. Of course, that would probably make real mini players sick to their stomach.

I’m headed down the same path, I just finished my hobby room downstairs and I know I’ll be spending a lot of time there. But I installed a satellite receiver (I need background noise) to have on when I’m painting. I’m hoping my kids will take an interest in the hobby or modeling it would be fun share the room.

Please feel free to post some pics of your miniatures!

Yup it works.

Here is some very old of my 2mm Naps. The great thing about 2mm is you can play a large battle on a 2ft square DBA board.

I really should take some shots of my new stuff.