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Whoa, creepy.

There is a much grosser one that infects snails, it forces them to climn up and out on exposed leaves, then climbs into it’s antennae looking things and sweels them up and pulses them until a bird eats it. Then it lives in the bird!

Discovery or animal planet has a show that one episode of shows them, it is the gorssest shit ever, aside from the worm that gets into peoples eyes.

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I saw that, it still creeps me out thinking about it.

Like something straight out of a Stephen King book, ick.

Toxoplasma gondii lives out its lifecycle in rodents and cats. To get into cats, it alters the rodent host’s brain chemistry to make them less fearful of predators.

Interestingly enough, mice and humans are very similar biologically, and people infected with toxoplasma are prone to risky behavior.

Man, look at my spelling! I think I have something in my head too!

An unusually specific instance of behavioral manipulation was discovered recently in a wasp that parasitizes an orb-weaving spider in Costa Rica.

The night before the wasp larva kills its host, it somehow reprograms the spider’s web-building activity so that instead of its usual temporary web, the spider constructs a durable platform ideal for the larva to pupate on.

…Must build… Build for master… Must build… Build for master…

I saw a photo of the back of my dad’s eyeball and he was infected with toxoplasmosis when younger, you could see the scarring.

There was an article on someone finding a fish with a tongue louse in my local paper the other day (and here), someone found one in a red snapper he bought to eat. They crawl into the mouth, clasp themselves to the tongue cutting off blood supply so the tongue shrivels and disappears, leaving the louse in place acting as a tongue whilst also taking food.

There’s heavy evidence that third-trimester exposure to Toxo has a significant correlation to schizophrenia later in life. This is from Ewald, the leading source on evolutionary medicine right now, and pretty compelling. So gentlemen clean those litter boxes, at least until the baby is delivered!


Infected men were more likely to be aggressive, jealous and suspicious, while women became more outgoing and showed signs of higher intelligence.

But if your lady isn’t pregnant, toxoplasma seems like a great excuse not to do the litter.

I looked at your spelling and I think it’s quiet the opposite.

[size=1]oh snap[/size]

I looked at your spelling and I think it’s quiet the opposite.

[size=1]oh snap[/size][/quote]
Snap indeed. :wink:

I prefer the Tomentella fungus myself, given its remote location (Cameroon) and preference for stink ants.

Here are a few others.

Can’t sleep, clown will eat me Can’t sleep, clown will eat me Can’t sleep, clown will eat me