I found this amusing


I have a burning desire to click but I also have a fairly strong desire not to lose my job so I’m going to have to pass until I get a link review.


Er, probably not appropriate for most offices, no. Funny though.

Good call Spoofy.

Two words:

Invisible Masturbation.

Hilarious though.

I just sent it to half my office. Diff’rent strokes and all that, I guess.


Whitta’s links are improving. That one is actually acceptable in many
Scandinavian offices :)

If only he’d poured it on himself for a darwin award.

I vote we adopt a new “NSFP” code or something. #8 above is probably awful for any parent to see.

I’m assuming that’s from the Weekend Web?

I’ve always been partial to TurtleTreasures.

Edit: Oh wow, is that actually a real post somewhere? Crazy.

He’s 22?

She’s a bit confused and scarred.

Worst. Yet Most Appropriate. Typo. Ever.

Chances of not being fake: -7% (Error margin +/-7%)

Gah that IGN post story is almost older then the internet. I’m amazed people haven’t seen that before.

Microwaving butter for 8 minutes and he only burnt her hairy pie rather than the house down?

Dude, crossing swords is a no-no.

That is a really funny video, I have arlready forwarded it to several co-workers.