I found this site the other day

It’s hilarious.

I particularly like the part about the UN.

What be your point? :roll:

That it’s funny. Seriously, it takes a generous nation to give away that much entertainment for free.

Did Rosencranz or Guildenstern charge you too much interest or what?

They frequently link to WorldNetDaily as a source to back up their claims.

It’s their take on their situation. And you have to admit the “green” countries greatly outnumber them…

Dude, the UN created Israel. They wouldn’t even have that top-level domain if it wasn’t for the UN.

So what?

They linked to WND twice in that article, and most of it was simple facts with very little editorializing. Did I miss the funny part?

The GDP comparision is pretty funny, I’ll admit. Poor Isreal, can barely buy imported american arms…