I get to be part of a pit crew this weekend

The race: http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/events/toledo/

The car: http://picasaweb.google.com/cduennes/ZeBrick#5244383153066730322

This is the result of having too many friends with art and engineering skills, and too much money. Entering a friend’s spare BMW (he has 2 others :O) into a 24 hour long race in which the cars can’t be worth more than $500. Sounds like I’m in for seeing a lot of scrap metal going around in circles for a long time :)

I just thought some fellow gamers might appreciate the paint job. I can’t draw a stick man to save my life, but my pals put in a fair bit of work on a lot of it. The Castle Crashers guy was put on later after we all got the game and couldn’t stop playing :)

If anyone happens to be in Toledo this weekend and sees a shitty car that looks like it’s made out of bricks, stop by and say hi ;)

damn. how many drivers?

That’s pretty awesome. Nice paint job

Our particular car has 6 drivers lined up for the 24 hours. The race should have about 50 or so cars entered into it with an unknown number of drivers per car.

If you search Youtube for “24 hours of lemons” you’ll find plenty of other awesome car ideas and hilarity :)

Good luck!

Good luck and be careful!

But seriously… don’t get caught on fire while refueling.

Nice! I love reading Car and Driver’s coverage of the 24. If I remember past entries correctly, that BMW might just be the nicest car to ever race in the event.

That is awesome beyond measure, hope you guys win!

I’ll let everyone know how it turns out. I’ll try to get a bunch of pictures, and we’ve got a video camera that we’re planning to mount inside the car if we can manage to rig something up. Hopefully one or the other will turn out fairly well :)

Awesome. Love that paint job, and yeah, having seen many past entries that is one of the nicest looking cars to run at Lemons.

What’s with the red buttons near the gauges? Rocket launchers? =)

Good luck!

Lemons is awesome, but it’s really more of a 12 hour race :)

Also, I’m betting that your car either gets picked to be smashed at the break or purchased for $500 at the end of the race.

I’m probably going to try to enter next year’s lemons race at Altamont.

I was almost going to drive at this years event at Thunderhill in CA.

Looks like one of the more important news sites picked up on our car… :P


I only wish we’d had more time so we could’ve slapped the Quarter To Three logo on the side or something. Oh well :(

Unfortunately, the red buttons don’t do anything quite so exotic. They’re just for starting the car :) We’re hoping for rocket launchers next year, though.

As fun as it is to watch someone’s car get wrecked with a steam shovel, I can imagine it would suck a whole lot if it happened to us :( Mostly just because we’d only get to run half of the race.

Also, this LeMons is a full, straight 24 hours. It’s not like previous races that have been 12 hours, then a break, then 12 more hours. It’s 24 straight through. That’s why we need a pit crew, six drivers, etc. It’s pretty crazy.

I used to be part of a pit crew for a stock car driver when I lived in Montana (read: glorified mud-scraper). There was a surprising amount of excitement, drama, and rivalry. I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

How did your team do?

Hope you have some pictures as too!

p1mpage: You guys should read this cool new site called Fidgit.com!


It’s not really kosher to advertise your blog around here.

(But really, you guys sound like you were prepared and had some people that knew what they were doing! Great job.)