I got camped

So I was out drinking Friday night, a couple of guys and I are walking back to the car, and there, on the hood of the car, right where it meets the windshield, is a kitten.

A real, live, kitten.




Has this happened to anyone else? There’s nothing in the manual about what to do, can the kitten get banned for spawn camping me?

I paged a vet but they didn’t do anything for me, OSI/Sony doesn’t care about its players.

Spoiler:[color=white]I have the kitten at my house, I gave it some tunafish and water, because I am not a cat guy, so all I know I learned from a Heathcliff cartoon. It is cute and seems to be in good health except for something on its tail. I scrubbed down with soap, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide after touching it.[/color]

Sort of. Out with my brother and friend having some drinks. Come back to the car and there’s a dead mallard duck on the roof.

As for kittens, the other weekend I watched a kitten somehow survive crossing a 4 lane, busy street in the middle of a down pour. Tried to find it after going around the block to park, but no luck.

Do you intend to keep the kitten or hand it over to a shelter?

I am allergic to cats, so I am going to turn it over.

That’s the best way to get it treated if there’s something wrong with it now. If no one adopts it and it faces execution, I will take it.

I think the kitten gets rewarded for camping your car (very smart move) by being taken in by a kindly person such as yourself :)

Take it to a vet ASAP, and get it checked out. They can tell you how old it is, and find out what the thing on its tail is. Call up your local no-kill cat rescue place, and ask which vet they use, if you need a recommendation.

Also, while tunafish is yummy, your kitten needs something to meet all of its nutritional needs, so find it some proper “kitten” cat food too.

Finally, please post pics, because kittens are the cutest!

Just saw your latest post. Google around for your local no-kill cat rescue shelter.

However, don’t let allergies make the decision for you. I’m allergic to cats, but I have two anyway. I take one generic Claritin tablet every day (pretty cheap when you buy in bulk) and over time, you also become used to your particular feline friend, and the symptoms disappear. When I first got them, with the claritin tablets, I was pretty much OK, except if one of them scratched me, then the scratch would turn into an itchy bump. That’s the worst it got for me. No idea how allergic you are though.

My current dog sort of camped my car as I was being dropped off at the commuter bus 6 years ago. This tiny little puppy just ran up to the car and sat next to us wagging its tail. It had been abandoned along the interstate.

Absolutely the best dog I’ve ever had. Really intelligent, very gentle with the kids, and looks great.

I found a woman who does kitten rescue. As for Claritin, I totally buy tons of that at Target generic style for my dogs, but cats are a near lethal reaction for me.

People who abandon animals like this should be fucking shot. I despise people who are so careless with dogs and cats.

Good for you for picking it up. Few years ago I was driving home around 11 one Saturday night and happened to see what looked like a miniature sheltie puppy wandering along the side of the road. It looked sort of desperate and lost, and looking right at me as I went by, but I hesitated stopping. Pulled into a parking lot about a half-klick away to turn around and get the dog. While turning back, a big Brinks-style truck from Securicor (the kind that go around refilling ATMs at night) went roaring back the way I came right in front of me.

You can probably guess the rest. Fucking truck never even slowed down. I was so angry that I took off after it, caught up with it in front on a bank, and started to go after the driver. Fortunately realized what I was doing at the last minute, because I imagine if I’d actually gotten to the driver’s door in the mood I was in I’d have been shot. Phoned an OPP friend of mine when I got home, and she told me that these security trucks had adopted a “don’t slow down, don’t stop for animals” policy that year after a rollover that almost killed a couple guys near Ottawa because of a raccoon or something.

Anyhow, anything like this happens again, I’m stopping immediately. Still very pissed at myself for that night. Quiet country highway, so it’s not like I drove by while the dog was in immediate danger, but still, that was really stupid of me.

When driving, if an animal appears in the road and I don’t have time to slow down safely, I don’t slow down/swerve at all. I’m sorry, but my life is more valuable to me than an animal.

Darwin in effect y’all!

Once my wife, kids, and I saw a momma duck getting ready to take her kids across a busy two lane street. My wife pulled over and just gave me that look. I got out and momma duck bolted across the highway, so I stopped oncoming traffic and my wife put her four-ways on in the other lane. A few of the baby ducks got messed up when they saw me and ended up separated from momma. I must have looked pretty foolish to people driving past as I ran around the side of the road trying to herd babies back to momma. When I got back in the car, the kids and mom gave me a big round of applause so I felt good.

A cat crashed my formal christmas party, once. Came in through the back door while there were about 60+ people in the house. Everyone kept asking “is this your cat?” I was like “Dude, I’ve never seen this cat in my life. He crashed the party”. He then camped my front porch for the next 2 years.

I just want to say Flowers, Tyrion, Brett, and Tim are ‘teh awesome’. I especially like the image of Tim herding ducks across the street.

And yes, Flowers, you must post pictures!


My girlfriend and I are both allergic to cats, but we took in a stray. The big thing to fix the problem is not drugs, but care of the cat. Making sure to bath it occasionally and brush it daily. Removing the dander on the cat will do wonders for your allergies.

But it seems you found it a good home.

I will say it again, if the homeless could just wear fur and learn to purr people would be much more likely to help them.


Totally. Keeping it out of the bedroom is a good idea, too. Some antiallergy meds early on are a good idea regardless.

What’s so life-threatening about slowing down? I mean, I get not swerving-overcorrecting-rolling into a ditch. But slowing down?

I have a similar thing with stray dogs appearing at my doorstep. My wife and I own a couple of dogs but we seem to be magnets for strays. We’ve had something like a half dozen different stray dogs show up on our doorstep over the past few years. The last time I was taking out the trash and walking back in through my garage and looked over and there was this little min-pinscher just sitting on our front doorstep, no collar or anything but we ended finding his owners so he certainly camped the proper house.

Dammit, people, less talk, more pictures!


Awww. That was great of you.