I got camped

I don’t think Imageshack allows for direct linking of images. You could either link the (http://img434.imageshack.us/my.php?image=11111968og.jpg), or host it or have it hosted. I shrunk it some and stuck it here if you want to go with the latter.

edit - removed huge kitty image.
There you go noun.

edit: Wow that’s huge!

Oh sure. Use the mojo.

edit: Wow that’s huge!

This is why I shrunk it down.

McMaster de-spoused his post!

Jeeze, Jason, I don’t think you should have been insulted. Some of us think Garofalo is teh hawt.

Wouldn’t want to disappoint Tom, so with some luring using cat treats, Azel managed to hold still for a few shots.

Then she decided to lay on the floor next to her claw clippers, which she likes to bat across the room to get my attention if I’m not in a direct line of sight.

Here is what a Book looks like, on her hairy chair.

But really, who you came to see is Porter:

Porter has his own Flickr stream, which can be found here.

Ooh, she’s a regal one, Keil. An awful lot of stripes for a calico, though. And you gotta love that front left sock.

Noun, that is one orange cat!


EDIT: Book is awesome, Joel. Good looking cat, great name, I give her a 9. On a 5-star scale!

Someone post some pictures of cute animals with naked women. I want to see Tom’s head explode.

Screw it, here’s a picture of my dog.

These are my orange tabbies, or as I prefer - orange tubbies.


Neko likes to sit with me while I post:

Yeah, she’s a bit of a princess. I think she’s got some Japanese bobtail in her somewhere due to the shape of her tailbase and her facial features, but I’ll never know since I found her abandoned outside a Home Depot.

I just found a bunch of older pictures of her that I didn’t realize I had on this computer. This is about a year and a half ago in San Francisco with her friend Cooper, who is unfortunately no longer with us.

Edit: Book is beautiful. The cat we had growing up looked a lot like that. Black on top, white on the bottom with a white lower face but a black nose. The black nose on white is very unusual. Book may be only the second one I’ve seen.

Jojo, I want to pick up Neko and Chloe and mush them. Is that bad?

Also, Whitta, nothing personal, but your dog is a goofball. He’s got the look of an animal desperate to be accepted, even though he’s in the wrong place. Namely, a thread of great looking cats!


So this is what they talk about in your locker rooms Tom? Cause I feel pretty dirty reading you gush over these pics :)

You guys keep this up, I’m posting a picture of my bird. :)

Yes, he has clearly learned quite a lot from his owner.

BTW, cats are great. If you’re a GIRL.

I’m waiting for somebody to say “I’d hit it” before I make any snide remarks. I don’t think the wait will be very long.

Unless I jinxed it by posting this…

Fixed that to make it more “Whitta” like… I think.

Can we talk about cushions as well?

You call her beautiful. We call her… The Orca.

Also, fat orange tabbies ftw.

I have tried to stay out of these threads but you guys are making me bring the heat. Timber is the 3 year old Siberian on the right and Scout is an 11 year old Shiba Inu on the left