I got this thing called a PSP

I was wondering what I should use it for. Any bright ideas?


The golden psp?

Frisbee. Try it and you’ll see!

Mod/hack it, run ROMs and SCUMMVM games on it. Get a two gig memory stick and it also makes a nifty portable video player, and a crappiest, biggest mp3 player in years.

Portable porn. But choose your airline or bus seat carefully.


I bought one just the other day. Killzone: Liberation struck me as something I’d like and it’s a lot of fun. Also picked up Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, which was one of the systems’ top ranked games last year. It’s a shame about the whole stupid phony fan blog/site whatever fiasco.

This was after a year or so of me being cynical about the system and ignoring it completely.

The games have really picked up in the last year, and I don’t know why Sony doesn’t focus on that instead of pretending it’s some sort of Hipness Quotient gadget. They seem to be doing the same thing with PS3 instead of focusing on its games. Instead it’s EW! Blue RAY! EW! Entertainment Interfacement Center for only $600! Wouldn’t it be amazing if they ever just focused on the games that make good use of the system? Highlighted developers (Sony Bend and Guerilla Games, among them) who seem to be doing better work on their PSP-specific games than on their last PS2 projects. Heck, even Medal of Honor: Heroes is getting better reviews than EA’s last messsed up MOH projects on consoles and PC.

There are a lot of really good games available for it now in just about any genre you like to play. The hard part is figuring out which games you want.

Here ya go champ

Well, no. Before you think about cracking it check which mobo/PSP revision you have. There’s a certain anti-homebrew mobo. Of course there are ways around it, it’s just lots of different procedures. I’m pretty sure you can get homebrew on those PSPs though.

4GB card
I don’t understand how the google checkout voodoo works, but, the thing was down around 65 dollars.

The board to watch out for is the TA-082, it’s not as hackable as the original motherboard.

You can almost always flash back to an older revision, if that’s what you mean.

Yeah, I haven’t dealt directly with the new motherboard. I just know that you’ve got a higher chance of bricking on that, and I know that some of the current hacked firmwares SE don’t jive with it.

I seriously don’t understand why so many people twist themselves into knots trying to hack the PSP into a homebrewable state, when the GP2X was designed specifically for this sort of thing and is cheaper.

Now you are Funky Fresh! Try to rap for us, yo!

It’s not as sexy!

Because your mom can’t buy you one at Best Buy. Duh. Plus, the PSP screen is nicer. Game/ROM wise, the GP2X is a better value, however.

Everytime there’s a new revision or firmware released, there is a period in which your unable to mod your PSP, but the hackers usualy catch up, or at least release a method of flashing back to an older revision, so that you can mod it.

Its great for browsing the web wirelessly while you are on the toilet.
Also, Loco Roco!