I got this thing called a PSP

No wifi. Also, it’s not so much cheaper. I picked up my PSP for around what the GP2X cost at the time. It seems like it’s a bit cheaper now that there is a us distribution site. It’s not really much trouble anymore to get it into a homebrew state, and it’s a little fun to futz around with something.

Except that’s not true, there’s a custom 3.02 firmware that can run homebrew in 1.5 mode. It seems like they’re giving up on doing things with the firmware and relying on the new hardware. For example, you’ll get a different motherboard with the most recent PSP and it makes getting things done a bit harder.

My bad, I didn’t realize that they had actually changed the hardware. My post was the case for a while, though.

I got this thing called a PSP.

Why did you do that?

Use it as a trade in on a DS.

Now that’s the best suggestion so far. The homebrew on the DS isn’t as nice as the PSP stuff, but it is really cool, and a lot of it has that geeky-experimental feel to it.

Why did you do that?

Do what? You’re assuming I bought it. It is that season you know.

Use it as a trade in on a DS.

I bought a DS a couple weeks ago.

The homebrew idea sounds appealing, but I can apply it to both the DS and PSP but I’m thinking the PSP might be easier. Has anyone done this here? What is the best way to go about it?

What firmware version is your PSP? Thats the first thing you need to know.

Also this site should be somewhat helpful


Hey, plenty of the stuff on the PSP doesn’t work too!

Firmware is almost not relevant. You can downgrade safely from 2.71, 2.8 is being worked on. It depends more on if he has that damn motherboard or not. I downgraded from 2.6 with my PSP I bought as a … 1.something.

I personally like GTA, Metal Gear Acid, and Metal Gear Portable. There seem to be some good shmups also. I’m sure the DS has loads of good non-pecking games, but can you keep your pictures of defiled PSP out of the thread?