I had a blast!

the site itself is fun enough to make me want the game now!


keep pointing your mouse to the characters and dont click! esp the barmaid’s “goods” and the armored guy with a shield !

hahah… keep mousing over on the barmaid! lol!

OMG, that’s awesome. I may have to buy their game just to get them to make more websites :lol:

Annoy the little guy on the left and see what you get. Very smart site. Ooops. I forgot to check out the game. :)

ROFL! That’s spectacular!



Makes me ashamed of my relative lack of creativity. The Barmaid sequence is simply brilliant. I hope the game is as entertaining. Who are the writers/designers on this?

Edit: Doh! all you have to do is click on the characters to find out.

Good stuff! These guys exude fun. Good sign for the game.

Excellent stuff. That barmaid certainly knows how to take care of herself!

It’s unbelievable!


If you trigger the barmaid often enough, you’re sent straight to www.sexualharrassment.com. These guys are brilliant!

Alternatively, you could keep mousing the bard’s crotch.

About The Bard’s Tale

50% more funny
Uses more pixels than ever before
Spins the DVD at over 10,000 RPM!
Over $500 in value
Graphics so amazing you’ll need a screen!
So powerful, it won’t even run on the PlayStation 1
Explode millions of barrels
Coming to the PC and next generation game consoles!

This site is pure genius.

Yes now that you guys have completely exhausted the barmaid’s hotspots, try other stuff like blowing out the candle multiple times or grabbing the guy’s beer.

Oh dear, don’t piss off the armored guy on the left. You’ll be closing browser windows forever. :)

At first, when he got pissed off, nothing happen. Then I realized my Google toolbar popup blocker was in effect. So I turned it off and tried again.

It was hilarious. Read the text in all the pop ups. :lol:

I wish companies would make more party oriented games.

Keep wiggling your cursor over the candle’s flame until the lights go out for some fun… ;)

Man, now that is a funny and original site :D

WOOT !!!

Cary Elwes to offer up witty notes in The Bard’s Tale

That was pretty much my reaction. I was meh about this game when I first heard about it, since humor is so hit and miss in video games, but I must admit I am starting to get excited about it. The little flash/shockwave thing on the website sure didn’t hurt. Elwes seems like the perfect choice for the voice acting.