I had these issues of Wired

www.wiredreread.com is full of all kinds of awesome.

Nice. I’ve often felt that Wired is to the past two decades what Popular Mechanics was to the 50’s and 60’s, in that every issue made bold promises on the cover of some revolutionary future tech that would Change Everything™, and every issue, examined again through the lens of a decade or so, was so, so wrong.

My favorite was this issue from 1997 that said we were standing on the verge of an economic boom that would last for the next 25 years, although pretty much any cover from the 90’s works.

The Death of Paper: Why the Apple Newton Will Change the World and Save the Planet

I gave up on Wired when I went through an issue and tore out the ads. Over 200 pages of them, and about 40% signal to noise ratio. I can’t support that.


edit: I think it was 200, but that seems awfully big. I do know that it was greater than 50%.

They were mandatory reading for every dotcom worker during the 90s, but in retrospect, they combined all the hopeless enthusiasm from 80 Micro with the get rich bullshit from Money.

I still love Wired - there’s still some great articles on many (somewhat new tech/science related) things given the proper length to tell them well.