I hate Amazon bait n switch

Amazon is better off with their own delivery system, I have heard in other countries there are less to no chances for that kind of delay, with me mostly everything comes before or on time.

Walmart just had a deal that gave you 10 dollars off their free 2 day shipping if you spent over 35. I kind of feel bad, because I order 35 dollars with of kitty litter, but it’s something that I do need, and don’t want to pay for.

I hope this works, because somebody needs to keep Amazon on their toes, and it’s not going to be the mom and pop stores.

I am confused.

And how much cat litter are you ordering? I get 40lbs for less than $20. Granted that lasts about a month.

I’ve always feel bad about ordering cat litter online as I usually end up watching somebody struggling to carry 40lb boxes to our door step.

I don’t feel bad enough to stop ordering though. :P

100 pounds of litter for about 27 dollars, so I should be all set for a few or so months.

Yeah, pretty crappy, but I don’t enjoying to go out shopping with a 4 year old and an 18 month, so it frees me up to get other chores done.

Shit, I like going shopping, but when you have small children, online shopping is a godsend.

I sure hope it’s not Walmart, either. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the idea of Amazon as monopoly, but Walmart is so much worse.

Is it though? Sure, it sucks to see the people working at Walmart, but the people working at Amazon Warehouses aren’t doing any better. We just don’t see it. They hire fewer people to move more product and they culture isn’t exactly front page news on how great it is.

Finally, since Amazon refuses to show any profit, they don’t actually benefit the local tax base at all, unlike Walmart. At least when a Walmart goes up in an area, jobs in that area are created and taxes is paid.

Yeah, I don’t know about this one anymore.

From a consumer perspective Amazon is night and day better. In other respects I don’t know if there’s a big difference, but if one has to deal with an evil corporation, I would like to get good service at least.

And I would like one that pays it’s taxes and employs people.

Remember, Mussolini made the trains run on time.

I think anyone in Seattle can attest that Amazon employs a lot of people. Enough to pretty much engulf most of downtown.

Do you get that… delivered? Costco has great prices on kitty litter but as soon as you ask for deliver it goes up quit a bit. Those boxes, bags, and pails are heck heavy to move.

Wal-mart had so much control in the space that they could sink a supplier with relative ease, change the transportation industry in a number of ways, and that’s before talking about what they do to the local area when they arrive. I think they still have all of that, even with Amazon.

Yeah, but that’s one location, while Walmart is all over the place, with employees and locations in a lot of rural and suburban places.
And they pay taxes. Property taxes, payroll taxes and for a short time, they were the only ones paying sales taxes.

You need to watch this documentary.

They are evil incarnate.

Ya, about that - again watch the documentary - but Walmart has put thousands of small businesses out of work, their workers are almost all using public assistance, and they routinely will move out of the city limits once they’ve decimated the local businesses to avoid the city taxes.

Yeah, but Amazon is Walmart magnified.

How is this any different from Amazon though?

In Arizona, nearly one in three Amazon employees is enrolled in the food stamp program.

On Thursday, The Intercept noted that, in addition to being a top SNAP recipient, Amazon’s median employee pay was only $28,446 — 9 percent less than the industry average and well below the U.S. living wage.

Look I am not saying Wal-mart is a pillar of good business but Amazon has taken a sharp turn downward.

What makes you say that?

Yeah they’re not great but to match Wal-mart they’d have to hit the bottom. Wal-mart doesn’t just screw their employees, and their suppliers, they have a habit of destroying anyone they work with.

Amazon does the same.

There is a reason why buying whole foods caused almost every other supermarket to lose points on their stock, because investers know that once Amazon moves into a space, that space gets whipped out.

Well that’s competition. I’m talking about the people that supply Wal-mart, Vlasic, Radio Flyer, Caterpillar. They have a long line of USA based companies desperate to stay in the market trying to work with Wal-mart that Wal-mart that just… destroyed. (I didn’t relook up these brands, so I might be off but the gallon pickle one is for sure).

Yeah, and Amazon had a huge number of brands in house that do the exact same thing.

Amazon is silently killing off everyone.

Walmart did it first, but Amazon is doing it better.

That being said, I am a hypocrite, because I have Amazon Prime, and love their two day shipping and since I don’t have to walk into a store or leave my house, I don’t see the damage that Amazon is doing.