I hate Amazon bait n switch


There’s a few things I find it particularly useful for (and for people with medium to large families it probably makes a lot more sense), because I don’t drive. Mainly heavy/bulky stuff like canned tomatoes and toilet paper. But I’m not sure dealing with the nonsense is worth it any more.


I use Target more often for these things than Amazon because… their prices are stable. They’re not going to jack up something that was 10 dollars today to 80 tomorrow. Amazon’s pricing can be all over the place.


I order stuff like that, but I don’t do it as a subscription because I don’t need them that regularly. Like, toilet paper. I just ordered a fresh box this weekend. Before that, it was in January of this year. A subscription for something I order that infrequently would be crazy.


You can set the frequency up to once every six months. Which for most things is fine, but not when the minimum you can order is 10 litres (or in another case, 24 boxes of baking soda)


That’s the part that frustrates me. And the fact that they sometimes will change quantities on you without prompting…but the price per unit stays the same.

Or the wild price swings (you do get clear notice of) that @Nesrie mentioned. Or the inconsistency of maintaining staple items in stock.

S&S and Pantry have really slipped, IMO.


I used to use Pantry. I haven’t done it since they went to a required subscription. Amazon is very into sub services, that’s their tech side I guess, but yeah I don’t need much on regular intervals, and their prices are not great for all things.


Just happened again, though at least this time it was a sub I was planning on cancelling anyway.


They’re just taking the piss now.



Do you mean that they’re pushing out the competition to try and have you buy an in-house brand?


If he’s willing to wait til March to do laundry, yes.


I’d assume the subscription was cancelled after they delivered a final installment, but even if not, they sell pods for regular delivery and it’s not that steep a discount. Just order one of those to hold things over until the new sub kicks in.


They want to charge me more for an own-brand version.


I mean 0.01 per pod more.


But in March.

And I can understand if someone is picky about the brand they use.


More Amazon fuckery:


Wow, that is shady as fuck.


Anyone else notice that 2 day shipping hasn’t always been going through?

Ordered a portable CD player for my parents. Instead of 2 day shipping (which I need because my parents are flying out this weekend) it kept giving me 1 week in shipping. No matter what option I selected.


Yes, but usually somewhere on the item page, it will say the date you can expect it because it’s not currently in stock.

I take it that is not the case here.

90% of the time I get whatever I order in 2 or 3 days. The other 10% is very iffy.
Also, when they use the USPS, they are fond of smashing the package into the box instead of using one of the big community boxes or leaving in entryway. Fortunately, nothing wrecked yet.


Yes, mentioned above. The two times for me have been via sellers on Amazon advertising as Prime, then it apparently just isn’t Prime when I click through and purchase, or they just don’t deliver it 2-day. Going back to check the item shows me it is NOT prime, though I know for a fact I go out of my way to ensure it is when I order something I need quickly.


Yeah I am not a fan of those but it actually has the word Sponsored right there. It’s kind of like those fake articles on the news sites that you only know is fake because it says… Sponsored Content on it.

Yeah this is what I’ve noticed. It might say something like ships in 3-5 days and then you get 2 day shipping which is a week. It’s typically an item stock issue which it also says, but not by the price/image or anything, more like to the right of it near the add to cart button.