I hate Amazon bait n switch


Oh it’s definitely all his own viewpoint and story. Hell, we can’t really even tell if it was an actual Amazon shipped item or not.

But to the point, that’s part of this issue. Prime was their brand lead that drew people. Regardless of if was or was not an Amazon item, it’s the Prime name taking a hit. The other part is that Amazon has been nothing if not driving toward even faster deliver times, with new warehouses opening quite often. Are they suffering from scale (too much business,) or degradation of their workforce (all the stories,) or something else?

To even see a story like that means it’s a bigger problem than I thought.


I don’t get that Lifehacker articlee. How common is it that people aren’t getting things in 2 days? I get everything in 1-2 days unless I ordered something huge, or lately, if it has lithium batteries. That goes for Prime 3rd party sellers as well. I must have always lived in very convenient places. And I have no problem sorting things and seeing shipping. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon as well.

That article read like a hack job. He is somehow new to Amazon after avoiding it all these years because they are a crappy company? BS.


Yes. I guess that is true. Amazon got the others to up their game. I feel like before them you’d order something, it would cost a fortune to ship and it would get there when it got there… 2/6-8 weeks from now. Prime is also a lot more than shipping today, but yes, i don’t like some of the third party longer than two stuff they do but one of his examples is the Dec 20… come on. Everyone with a functioning brain knows why you might have slowdowns at the end of December, Prime or otherwise. They don’t control that.

Although… so what happened to that weirdo 10k to start your own shipping fleet scheme they put up? I’ve not seen much about that at all.


…common enough that you’re posting in a topic where multiple people have complained about it?


So not many?


Yep. The rest of the internet saw this thread, decided they weren’t having issues, and didn’t post.


Rest of the internet? I haven’t seen much about this at all. Couple of people complained here. Some guy who doesn’t like Amazon wrote an article on that great site, Lifehacker. There is a Reddit thread somewhere I am sure.

There are multiple reasons you could not get your package in 2 days, usually its the shipping company in my experience (and even that is rare for me). Amazon is supposedly listing things as Prime, but then saying more than 2 days? Never on anything I am looking for. What am I missing?


This is true.

I don’t know how many millions of packages they ship, and it has to be millions, but there are people on either side of the spectrum, those who don’t seem to get it in 2 days anymore and those who can get it literally within an hour. I suspect most are in the middle though.

Labeling anything as Prime Shipping but not actually able to ship two days is a mistake on Amazon’s part. They are, as Skipper said, diluting what they taught people to believe when they see the word Prime.


If you haven’t seen much… you aren’t looking? I don’t know what to say.


Maybe it’s because in the past it’s been framed as a positive (free month of Prime) and now people are pissed because that policy has supposedly stopped. The trend of “Prime item suddenly coming days/weeks late” seems to be a new one from third parties that qualify for Prime.


I am not doubting that it is, but how many items are there like that, is it enough to really care?

I lived in WY most of my adult life, and I never had a problem even there, so I don’t know.


I’ve had a few problems, now and then. I just tell them hey this didn’t deliver and I got a few months. For a long time though I didn’t do the two days, i got my 2 dollar digital credit instead. Now that’s it’s 5 dollar on Amazon Prime Now, a service now available here, I am back to 2 days.

In December though… I don’t think it’s fair to blame Amazon for not making 2 days deliveries on Dec 20th. There are always missed deliveries this time of year.


Umm, I am not saying it doesn’t happen. I bet it happens a lot (thousands a day), but I would bet money the biggest reason is the delivery company. Your search doesn’t provide anything about the why’s, just what to do if it does.

We’re talking about Amazon regularly failing to do so even though it promoted it as 2 days, I would like to see numbers on that. Not USPS failing.


The one example I found in this thread of an item not doing 2 days is the Band Aids listed in @Skipper’s post above. It is not showing as a Prime item, but it is listed as an “add-on item” so it has to be with $25 order to qualify for free shipping. That company he used, “Fun Stuff for Sale,” is not listed as seller anymore.

I have had so many bad experiences with third party sellers on Amazon, I avoid them unless I am really desperate. I wonder if they are the problem here?


I think that article is conflating a couple of things: “Prime” items that don’t have 2 day shipping, which is a real if not especially rampant problem (but they’ve certainly been scaling back Prime shipping benefits overall, what with add-on items, Subscribe and Save items no longer shipping 2-day, etc); and package delivery companies lying about delivery, dragging their feet, etc.

I’ve certainly had no end of problems with UPS and Fedex, and while USPS has been good to me, I know they aren’t for a bunch of other people. But short of doing their own delivery, which they’re starting to do, that’s not really something Amazon can avoid. And it’s not really their fault unless it is their drivers.


I think we wondered the exact same a bit upthread. It isn’t that Amazon isn’t delivering on time, rather, that what was expected has changed pretty recently. The cause … could be any number of things but right now, I think they are letting third parties use Prime when in fact, they can’t deliver. Customers just see, Prime, like me, and assume everything is a-okay.


Yep, avoid 3rd party ,and always check CAMELCAMELCAMEL


I dropped camelcamelcamel a while back (it was always failing to load) in favor of Keepa, and I also like ReviewMeta which spots rating fraud. I use the Firefox extensions for both.


Oooh thanks, I’ll add both and see how I like them. Camel3x has always worked for me so far.


I use camel for thee items I already know I want, so the review part isn’t relevant at that point. Thanks for the additional resources though.


Of course I defended Amazon and now everything is taking 3-4 days. The Oasis I bought took one day, but everything else is taking 3-4 days. I assume it’s because they and their shippers are getting hammered. Understandable, and I am not angry about it, just found it funny after my previous posts in this thread.

The Oasis went through Amazon’s own shipping service. Which strangely last summer almost everything was coming through them. Then they disappeared and everything has been coming through USPS since.