I hate Amazon bait n switch


I’ve had the same experience. Seems like they rolled back their own service a bit, perhaps after some complaints.

edit - and I have no clue why this thread looked like it was recent to me. My mistake! lol


It is curios though. Last summer everything was coming through Amazon’s delivery service. I had no complaints. They were definitely better than OnTrac, not that Amazon uses them often. Now, I think I have gotten once package though Amazon and almost everything else is coming USPS. I am curious what is going on with them.


Delivery issues are highly local. Losing the one local driver affecting you can make it seem like all of Amazon has changed.

For me, the packages have been arriving within the specified period 95%+ of the time. It does seem to come in a many different ways (UPS, OnTrac, Amazon).

I think it’s very difficult to observe what’s going on with Amazon deliveries, overall, with only the limited perspective of your own deliveries.


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I have no issues with deliveries from Amazon. They are on time 99.99% of the time. I am curious as to why last summer I could sit on the deck of my condo and see multiple Amazon drivers, and now there seems to be none. I am curious on what is going on with their delivery service.


General Amazon Prime news: its optional.

Except this is BS: “…allow it to group orders within a single package, thereby reducing packaging.” I order stuff all at once constantly and still get 2-3 boxes, usually because they are all coming from different places.


What’s the point of Prime if you do that? If you group up your orders and don’t need them right away, shipping is free anyway.

Shrug. Bezos likes to throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. This one won’t.


I can’t remember the last time a truck actually came to my house. The USPS has been handling everything I’ve been getting lately. And my Prime delivery is basically always 3 business days now. I ordered a few things Weds. before 6:00 p.m., and was told I’d have all of it by Monday. [shrugs] Hey if Amazon wants to keep raising its membership fee, and mess around with customer service, they sure can. So far, I’ve been mostly happy with their service (until the last few months anyway), but I feel like they’re gradually pulling back on service. I’m not ready to cancel my membership and go elsewhere quite yet, but I’m not emotionally attached to Amazon. If other places can do it better, I’ll switch.

Not sure who Amazon’s competition is at this point though.
Where is Epic Retail Stores when you need them?

EDIT: And yes, this program is voluntary…for now.


Sometimes I get three amazon boxes from three different drivers on the same day. The odd thing is, it’s rare for me to even select 2 day because I usually don’t care if I get it this week or next week; i’d rather pick up the digital credits to get more content.


Same. If they want to combine packages, etc. As long as they offer incentives, they can do whatever they want, as long as the 2 day option is always around for stuff I need right away.


Amazon’s not in a hurry shipping is still often faster than standard shipping from other stores. I rely on the 2 day primarily for gift giving, a specific event, or if I want something for the weekend so I can work with it on my days off.

If they want to package everything else into one big bundle and get it to me within 7-10 days, so be it. They’ll still beat Macy’s, sometimes Wal-Mart, all those stores that want me to spend 100 dollars or more for the privilege of shipping, but not Target. Target has been really fast lately, like really fast for me.


At my house it’s been the opposite. I’ve had one delivery from UPS and the rest have been from Amazon’s in house delivery service. It probably doesn’t hurt that i have one warehouse 5 miles away and another 12 miles.


To not be such a dick towards the planet?

edit: Also, it reduces consumerist guilt so I can buy more stuff on amazon.


From an ecological standpoint you are exactly right. Reduce emissions, help the planet. But from an economic standpoint, Amazon is all about convenience. The 2 day prime makes it easier to not go to a physical store to buy something, because it’s quick. Faster than most online entities. Take that away and you take away a large part of what makes Amazon convenient. If they do make this policy the standard, I guarantee that I will definitely use Amazon less. And if I use it less, I may no longer feel the Prime is worth it and they will lose my Prime subscription as well. And without Prime, my Amazon purchases will drop even further. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Hell, if you order a single thing, 90% of the time, the box comes inside another box. It’s insane.


Dunno, I order a lot of stuff I can wait for. For example, garden hose washers. It’s still freezing outside, I can wait. That other thingimabob to repair the closet? I’m not gonna do it till the weekend anyway.

I actually leave stuff in the cart till I get enough stuff to ship out, it seems wasteful to get boxes.


Dash Buttons are dead

I thought these were pretty neat, and bought a bunch of them years ago, for kitty litter, toilet paper etc, and used them with some success. But, after a while, the buttons would de-sync from my router or account, nothing was worse than a button flash red, indicating a problem. I am not going to spend 2-3 minutes syncing a button again in the time I could just order via my phone anyway.

Also, as time progressed, there were increasing problems in ordering things with the buttons, SKU’s not being available, etc. So, I stopped using the buttons. They killed themselves. Neat idea, but poorly executed.


I was curious about those who wound up buying these. My biggest issue with the concept, in general, is I am price conscious and Amazon frequently has a price consistency issue, and by that I mean it varies, a lot to outrageous sometimes in ways discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target don’t. I have a similiar issue when ordering with Alexa, and she doesn’t really tell me if it’s third-party either.


Well, I bought them because there was a deal that if you bought the button for 5 bucks, you got 5 bucks off your first order, so it was free to have some fun with.

And I think that the price discrpancy issues were less crazy 4-5 years ago, when I got a bunch of them. But after a while they just stopped being convenient, which made them useless.


Yeah you’re right. I bought a variety of yeast for around 5-10 dollars in their Subscribe and Save program… it was 80 dollars the second time they shipped it. I threw a fit. It was a pending shipping notification, so it hadn’t left the warehouse yet. I told them they had best get that enroute and if that charge posted to my card they’d expect a chargeback. It never showed up, and I didn’t charged. I don’t what the heck happened with that item but that was not acceptable. I don’t participate in S&S as a result.


I have definitely tried to cluster my packages at times in the past so there’s only one delivery and the people in my building only needed to let one driver in. That or making sure everything comes on a day one is actually home seem like good uses for a scheduled shipping day. That said, I doubt I will use it myself.