I hate Amazon bait n switch

I got one of them for free ages ago, hung it up on the handle of the door to my laundry cupboard, and never used it.

This might be overkill. I can see it ending badly with companies taking advantage of their new power. Still, all the improvements seem like a good step in the right direction.

That seems tailor-made to be abused for MAP/MSP enforcement shenanigans. Not that Amazon seems to be a hotbed of MSP-breaking activity, at least on the things I’ve noticed (OLED sets especially – Amazon never has the lowest prices on those).

Alphaville deep dive on the issues with “Fulfilled by Amazon” and product commingling (free registration required)

Well I don’t want another account, but the co-mingling with Amazon has been spoken about many times here. Anything new in there?

Plenty. A fair amount of it could be gleaned from this non-registration article, though. I do recommend signing up for Alphaville, it’s a great read.

Thanks for the link. I registered and read it. I already knew quite a bit of it, but it does go into more detail of how it all works. Looking forward to part 2.

Also, the guy who owns Brush Hero is there answering questions in the comment section. For instance, a question I just asked him is if he, as the legitimate company, has to honor warranties on the counterfeit items in order to mitigate damage to his product’s reputation. If so, that would be awful. But on the other hand, it’s not the customer’s fault, so the customer is going to equate the bad experience directly with that brand name. A difficult situation.

Part 2 of the Alphaville piece.

I don’t get it.

I am not a big Amazon shopper but sporadically but things through them. Last week, I placed an order on Amazon (Canada), and they automatically signed me up for a free one month trial of Prime which would automatically start billing me if I don’t opt out. That’s not very cool to negative option bill me for this.

This might make things a little easier to deal with when it comes to returns.

I was happy to see that. We have an Amazon book store not to far off that takes (all?) Amazon returns, but there are a few Kohl’s nearby, too. More options is always better.

I have a hard time seeing how Business A is “better” than Business B in an environment where businesses aren’t regulated much. Meh.

They did try to upsell me on the store experience there but it was easy enough to waive off. Was certainly easier than packaging it back up, I just handed them the item and the paper receipt I printed off.

When you return to Amazon via Kohls, you don’t have to package it or anything? To my knowledge, this is the first time we’ve had a physical return for Amazon here, so I’ve never done it. I rarely return anything from amazon anyway, but it will be handy to have around.

No, I didn’t have to package or box it. That was the thing I was most excited about.

Oh shit, this is a game-chan–wait, where the hell is a Kohl’s near me?

P.S. Amazon no longer price matches, even on things bought from them.

Picked up the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse blu ray on the 8th for $19.99.

Today I see it’s $9.99.

They told me to blow and get out of their yard when I politely asked for that sweet $10 back.

Edit: Perhaps this was already known by everyone except me.

As they get more and more market share, they become more and more intransigent. Who could have foreseen this.

Did you call, or did you talk to their support chat? It might not matter on this, but in my experience their chat is much less helpful. Which is frustrating to me, because I’d rather do chat.