I Hate Chinese People

I can say that because I’m ethnic Chinese and I know how Chinese people think and behave.

The reason for my hate: A two-year-old girl wanders into a street and gets hit and run over by a truck. People walk and bike past her limp body. A second truck drives over her and people still don’t stop to help her.

Many people in China are hesitant to help people who appear to be in distress over fears they will be blamed.

High-profile law suits have ended with good Samaritans ordered to pay hefty fines to individuals they sought to help.

After decades of living in third-world country conditions due to Mao, the Chinese economy has boomed. The middle-class and millionaires have appeared within two decades of the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping. There are probably a billion poor in China and they want a better life like those in the cities, hence why a lot of them leave the country to work in the factories. As such, they’ve become more selfish in search for money and materialism.

The Chinese have become better capitalists than the West. There are now 7 billion people in the world and 1.3 billion of them are Chinese. Life is cheap, especially in China.

DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO. I consider myself to be very internet-desensitized to violence, but this shit fucked me up. I didn’t realize what I was in for when I first saw it.

Yeah. I saw this via a different forum. I’m not easily shocked but this had me close to tears. Don’t watch the video.

At least one of the passerbys who’s been identified claims he didn’t even see her there. But the whole thing is pretty shocking. On the other hand, the parents lost track of their toddler for quite some time, so this all started with that mistake.

Thank you. (Seriously.)

Also, FWIW, not confined to China.

Yeah, I’ll back this warning. As someone who doesn’t flinch at graphic violence and the like, this may be the most difficult to watch video I’ve ever seen.

Nothing to do with ethnicity or culture, everything to do with income levels.


Many different explanations have been offered for the bystander effect, but I haven’t seen any that pin it to income.

Anecdotal, to be sure, but my sister (who’s teaching in Vietnam) told me she was warned by some folks over there that if you’re hit by a car, the driver’s more likely than not to back up and finish you off.

Why? Because apparently if you severely injure someone, you’re responsible for paying for their medical care for as long as they’re afflicted by their injuries. And that can often be more expensive than paying the fine for vehicular manslaughter.

I have no idea whether that’s true or not, but she says her friends swear it’s happened.

I’m Chinese and I kinda hate the chinese too. :/

I could go into the reasons why, and Eric has mentioned one of them briefly, but a lot has to do with their ethical treatment of people in their society, their sense of propriety and the rampant capitalism unfettered by any social or ethical concerns that has me worried that they’ll be leading global societies in the future.

Equis, here in Canada I separate the ethnic Chinese into two categories: FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) immigrants and CBCs (Canadian-Born Chinese). Even though I was born in Hong Kong I’ve lived in Canada most of my life so I consider myself an honourary CBC.

The FOBs are then divided into Mainlanders (you can tell by their dress and hairstyle they don’t look North American) and Hong Kong / Taiwan (they tend to drive Hondas, BMWs or Mercedes and have big hair). Both type of FOBs tend to stick with each other, in ethnical “slums” like Chinatown or middle-class cities like Richmond, BC, where stores, malls, and banks cater to the Chinese so they never need to speak English.

The second wave of Chinese immigrants are mostly from mainland China and Taiwan (the first wave were mostly from Hong Kong in the 1970s and 1980s because of the fear of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong back to China). A lot of the rich mainlanders consider Vancouver real estate cheap relative to Beijing and Shanghai (Vancouver is the most expensive place to live in Canada) and have been buying up condos, thus driving up the house market. They either keep the condos as long-term investments (and rent out the units) or flip them when the condo buildings are finally built. This makes it expensive for local Vancouverites to buy homes to live in.

I don’t personally mind it, but some people find “FOB” to be pretty offensive. You basically just did a Chinese version of a Chris Rock bit.

So they managed to keep this little girl alive for a week before she finally succumbed. Can’t believe she survived at all, not to mention with the way the two women plucked her up off the ground - GAH!

I’m amazed at how many of these Chinese traffic/security accident tapes seem to reveal pedestrians and motorists taking absolutely no notice of each other.

I remember seeing a video - looked like a Chinese police video of several such brutal incidents - that just made you go WTF, watching people just casually drive right through a busy crosswalk, or cyclists deciding to take their bike across several lanes of freeway like they were in a public park, none of them appearing to give even the slightest thought that someone might be coming the other way.

I hate the Chinese too. I should know, I am married to one! Badoom-Tish!

I actually find ABC(American born chinese, or CBC) not chinese at all. I feel kind of sad for them, because most of them can’t speak, read or write chinese. Most of them don’t consider themselves to be chinese, except everyone think they are because they look chinese.

Interesting enough, Chinese who immigrate around 1970-1980 are some of the most well off Chinese(Rich/Educated/Good Job), At least in US.

I was very happy that I read the story before I had a chance to click any of the links. I’ve seen some sick stuff both in video and real life, but this isn’t something I ever want to see.

I can’t imagine what could possibly be going on in someone’s head to walk past someone hurt that badly, child or not.

Thanks for the brave souls who peeped and posted the “do not click” warnings. Been thankful for those warnings since that Russian Maniacs Murder video and the Iraqi beheading videos. You really can’t unsee that stuff so thanks again.

Well, of course ABC aren’t Chinese, any more than Wasps are English

Oddly enough, Chinese aren’t Chinese. You have to go abroad to Taiwan/ Malaysia/ Sumatera to find traditional Chinese patterns of filial piety/ clans etc. Penang, Medan, Kaoshiung are much more traditional Chinese cities (culturally) than mainland Chinese cities. The mainland went as far as to throw away thousands of years of history and switch to simplified Chinese, and the cultural revolution was extremely efficient at destroying tradional culture.

The Japanese wars, civil war, great leap forward, cultural revolution then capitalist revolution were all events of such incredible brutality/ power to occur within 2-3 generations that mainland Chinese, taken as a whole, are like a red headed step child that has been betrayed and beaten so often that they have trust issues. Get rich, get out.

I find that they usually speak, read and write Chinese. Heck, now my son speaks, reads and writes Chinese, and he isn’t even vaguely Asian. Maybe it’s a SoCal thing.

That’s a surprisingly high quality security camera.