I Hate Comcast

We use Comcast for our Digital Cable and their crappy Not Tivo HD DVR, High Speed Internet Access, and IP Telephone. Right now we’re not getting a tv signal, our phones don’t work, but I can still access the internet to post my hatred for them.

It’s all coming through the cable, so I’m not getting why my internet is working, but not my phone.

What was that Ryan?

Wait… you live in seattle right? So with all the downed lines, etc - they got one of three services to you and that is a bad thing?

I’m actually up north a ways where we all have had our power, etc. pretty much the whole time.

Seems to me you’re probably still being affected by the problems in Seattle. Not really something to bitch about when another guy is wondering what DS games to buy so he can make it to next week without power.

I don’t know how stuff gets routed so I guess it’s possible the seattle-area recovery efforts did something to bork their signals up north.

I hate them not because they are unreliable, but crazy expensive.

Basic cable without high speed internet here is $68 plus tax. With internet it’s $99. A MONTH.

They are are a monopoly, too. Bastards.

Odd - I’ve been having the opposite problem as of late. Cable and phone works, but my internet access is spotty as hell.

I just switched to RCN yesterday. In two weeks, I can stop dealing with Comcast altogether. Good riddance.

In Alabama and Tennessee I’ve only ever had the choice between the cable company and the phone company. Comcast fucked me in Alabama because I lived in apartments with weak cable signals (split too many ways to handle data) and now they’ve just bought out my local Time-Warner service here in Memphis.

Their tech support is horrific, too. The last time they fucked me over I had to start taking down the name, phone number, and supervisor’s name of every person I talked to just to get them to reverse the damage they’d done to my account. They had some bug that made it impossible to have internet service without television service. I had to walk them through the troubleshooting process - “try turning the TV back on. Oh look, now the internet works again. You know what, just leave the TV on. I’ll pay for it because I don’t care anymore. Just don’t turn the TV off again.”

20 minutes later everything cuts out, I call the guy. He answers and sounds kinda sheepish. “Oh sorry, my supervisor is here with me and he wanted to try and see what happened when we turn off your TV but leave the internet on”.

The name and extension thing might sound silly, but at the time I had to go through a touch tone phone bank and a long hold time only to get shuffled back and forth between several departments, only to wind up either at someone’s voicemail box or - more likely - “accidentally” disconnected. After a few times of having my tech support experience reset (call terminated, no one took notes) I started getting REALLY cranky. I’m normally not an assertive guy but I was reaming everyone I talked to that day.

Funny. I had Comcast for a little over six months. I had exactly one problem, which was related to a broad-area 3-days outage, for which I was credited 4 days of time.

So I guess I just lucked out. shrug

I had comcast in Utah and they were fantastic.

I got them here in New Hampshire and every bill has had overcharges.

The first bill I had we got charged for three “operator assisted calls” to number 000 000 0000. Comcast credited them back. The second bill I had four charges, when I called them I was told that they had to assume they were legitimate charges so they would stay on my bill.

I said in that case turn off the phone and take off my digital silver package, I’ll just have regular cable and Internet. Well they did that, then the last bill I got I got billed for phone, cable twice, and internet twice. It took me 4 reps to get it straightened out.

I’m waiting for the next bill to see if they have it right. Unfortunately verizon doesn’t have Internet in the apartment I’m living in for now so I’m stuck with Comcast or dial up. Also I hate phone companies more than I hate cable companies. At least until my next bill comes.

Some people vent their frustrations with Comcast more directly than others.

NFL network on it’s own tier with every other station on that tier being crap. That alone makes Comcast Suck.

I’m on Comcast in my second home (where I am now). It’s great for internet, but the DVR (non-HD version) sucks! It’s absolutely awful. I have delays all the time, so that I don’t know whether I’ve pushed the button properly or not…then 30 seconds later, a whole bunch of button things happen all at once. Sound spurts in and out at times too, and you have to change the channel (losing all stored up info for rewinding) in order to fix it. It also has random weekly tests that seem to happen more than once a week. That may be an AL thing.

At any rate, I far prefer my DirecTV service. But again, the internet with Comcast is pretty good.

More reasons to hate Comcast.

They go one step further, too. Instead of just a simple disconnection from eachother, they will actively disconnect your line until you power cycle.

I hate comcast too, but their the only cable provider in my area which means it’s a necessary evil for me. I tried getting a new cable modem after mine started to die, and they would not give me a brand new modem to rent, only a refurb. So I bought my own and got rid of that extra $3 a month rental charge

I wonder how this will affect the next WoW patch…

They’ve been packet shaping for a few years now, so it won’t affect WoW anymore than it has.

You think that’s bad? I use Insight and almost every day towards the evening, our latency to the outside internet increases by 200ms, and the internet speeds go down to like 100 kbps. Talk about annoying.

At least with well working internet you can still get TV from youtube-like sites or something.