I hate computers

Sorry for the little bit of rough time today, hopefully it is over. This server had been up with no downtime for 221 days, and it waits to act fussy as I am about to go to dinner and the other tech is about to come home. Argh, ugh, suck. I should have taken up woodworking. You could use the same freaking tools for 200 years.

So sorry for the downtime and sorry for this little rant… but damnit! Now the girlie is heating up some frozen dinner crap and I am in front of a computer, not even able to play AOM.


Glad to have it back. Please don’t apologize. Thanks for your sevice. And peace in the Middle East.

So that was your fault, huh Chet? :)

No problem. Glad things are better…I hadn’t quite hit the “withdrawal” state yet.