I hate Games for Windows Live

Capcom still sells Lost Planet 2 with it on Steam!

Don’t worry. Rockstar will be more than willing to allow you to buy another copy on the Rockstar store.

Does the one on Rockstar’s store not have GFWL? What happens if you already own this on Steam and boot it up? This all seems weird.

I reinstalled it from scratch as detailed above and it still installs and uses GFWL. Doesn’t prompt for CD key though. There’s a prompt to create/use an Xbox account I just click past before the game proper loads.

Anyone who bought the game on steam cans till play it though, right?

Yes, but it’s a PITA to do it.

Sounds like Rockstar doesn’t give a fuck.

No one buys Shark Cards to play GTAIV.

Should work with XLIVELess I think?

Yea, worked fine.

At the end of this article, Rockstar says to standby.


That sounds like they’re finally doing something, maybe? I think they read @rei’s posts and realized they never fixed the GFWL stuff, so they took it off steam until they can patch it out.

You jest but QT3 comes up pretty high in Google search results for all the bitching and belly-aching we do on here about games.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure can’t wait for Microsofts plan to save PC gaming. There’s nothing quit like watching these games go down over GFWL that says let’s all back that horse.

Alas, some of us have been lured (again) by the $1 Xbox GamePass PC Live for Windows 2020 Edition Professional where some of the same problems are in the ugly UWP walled garden.

The only Game Pass for PC game I’ve run into trouble with is Into the Breach, for some reason it won’t let me save my game and Windows thinks my antivirus is the cause. But it doesn’t prevent me from saving any other GP game, so I don’t know.

It’s all still needlessly difficult obfuscation compared to GOG Galaxy, Steam or even the unreasonably-hated Epic Game Store.

Yeah, as inept as the Epic store is, Microsoft has the dubious honor of being even worse.

That reminds me, I have Planetfall installed because of the Game Pass. I should try that out!

MS owns the OS and the filesystem so they fuck around with it because they can, while Epic and Valve are just tenants on the land. :(

Regarding Rockstar and GFWL fuckery with GTA IV, it’s odd that GTA IV + IV Liberty Side Stories are the only 2 Steam-installed Rockstar games their Rockstar Launcher doesn’t acknowledge. Well, that and the GTA San Andreas which it prefers you to install through its launcher instead of the Steam version:

I wonder if Rockstar is preparing to offer existing owners the chance to re-buy it again on the Rockstar Launcher?

Would I buy GTA IV a 3rd time? Hmmmm, my first instinct is to say no, but if they could promise an edition that restores all the original music in the game that was recently edited out? I’d buy it a 3rd time.