I hate it when ESPN shows Golf instead of PTI!

… and Around the Horn. I mean, daaaaamn! Watching Golf on TV is boring as hell. I’d rather have highly paid, bald sports writers argue about minutiae anyday.

I agree with that! Golf isn’t even a sport…it’s a game. They should just be doing sports. Let ABC do the stinkin golf, or at least put it on ESPN 2 or something. Actually, they should put PTI on ESPN2, and then I could still watch it, like I do with NFL live every night.

Around the Horn is horrible, but PTI is the mack daddy.

BTW, Mr. Tony said that PTI will be pre-empted every thursday and friday of this month for golf.

Only one thing is duller than golf on TV…Golf on the Radio! :twisted:

Satchmo is my hero. Been following him since he was “just” a sports columnist at the Post back in the mid-1980’s. Don’t always agree with him, but he is relentlessly funny, and reminds me of at least two or three of my closest friends.

I originally only watched PTI and loved it, but then watched ATH for a couple of days, and once I learned the quirks of the individual sportswriters it quickly replaced PTI, which is more like ATH lite (Tony and Wilbon will deny knowing the least esoteric of sports factoids–their personas are important to either them or the show or both). You also get some really worthless arguments when people are forced to disagree, though that come sup on ATH also.

Regardless of which you like better, I know a hell of a lot of people who count one of the two among their very favorite shows, which makes it all the more surprising to see it pre-empted by a PGA Tour event that all the top players have blown off. I don’t mind golf, I love watching the majors and grew up where they play the Memorial Tournament, but Tommy Armour III sloshing around some cupcake course shooting 62 doesn’t do it for me.

Woody Paige rawks! :lol:

Well, I think the most recent PGA/Champions Tour contracts were done before PTI hit the air, so they probably HAVE to run the golf. Why you can’t just move PTI to the Deuce, I don’t know. Probably because Tony likes the days off.

Norman Chad can fill in for Tony… I’d like to see the ratings info comparing ATH and PTI to golf. I bet I know which is lower!

Good call, Chad and Le Batard are the two I can remember who filled in such that I didn’t miss the two regulars (except Bob Ryan, but he seems to have distanced himself since the suspension). The Michelle Tafoya/David Aldridge combo was horrible.