I hate monthly fees!

I was really excited when I first heard about Planetside and then even more excited after reading all the posts on this board.
I tried everquest a long time ago but quickly got bored with killing rats and bats for 8 hrs and quickly cancelled my account. I’m more of a fps player anyways.
Then I thought to myself, with a wife and toddler there is no way I can get enough game time every month to justify the $12.99 monthly fee. Why doesn’t sony (or any other company) have plans like prepaid phone cards. Let me buy a 1000 min (for like $5 or $10) so that I can use when I want whenever I want that never expire. Then I can just buy minutes when I need them and not feel like I have to sink 20 hrs a week into a game to get my money’s worth and in the process ignore my kid depriving him of the male influence he needs to grow up to be a well adjusted adult instead of some everquest junkie.

Keep the $12.99 all you can eat plan for those hard core players. Give us a prepaid min plan for those who just don’t have the time. I can’t help but think there is some unrealized revenue with the current pricing plans.

What do you think?

They’ve got 90-day game cards, but I agree that some people could really use the flexibility of buy-as-you-play. Too bad I’m not a big SOE marketing bigwig.

Why do you feel that you have to sink 20 hours a week into it to get your moneys worth? Hell, around here $13 is a movie and popcorn and pepsi, and that only lasts 2 hours (well, maybe 6 if you count the indigestion from the overbuttered popcorn).

I can see where people are coming from with the backlash against monthly fees, namely because ‘I haven’t had to pay for this before.’ Still though I find it a very good value compared to other forms of entertainment.

Tom’s Firing Line column mirrors my feelings on the matters exactly.

It’s not only the fact that I have to pay in perpetuity to play, nor is it that I have to pay full price for the game plus the monthly charges. It’s the fact that with all likelyhood there is not going to be a perpetuity to speak of. I can still play some of my old PC games from 1991, but what are the odds of the Planetside servers staying up for 12 years or more?

That you get good value for your money comparitively speaking is bullcrap, btw, since the best comparison would be other games, which cost far less.

Although I agree with Lokust that it’s a great value, I think ARogan’s idea is terrific. There’s no reason SOE couldn’t have both types of plan.

The worst part about games with fees, based on my experiences with MMORPGs, is that the focus of the developers changes to keeping subscriptions from making a good, complete, and bug-free game.


I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why monthly fees on games bother me. I can afford it, but I can’t bear to actually pay them. Partly, it makes the game seem like a bad value. In addition to the total price as Tom discussed, I look at the cost per hour. A good PC game might give me many hours of entertainment, and that makes the $50 price seem more palatable as the hours stack up & my price per hour plummets. Subscription games go the other way.

The monthly costs seem high in comparison to other entertainment, too. I thought about subscribing to Toontown so I could play it with my kids, but that would be $20 monthly for two accounts. For another $20 monthly, I could get all 42 movie channels my cable company offers.

Finally, like others have said here, I feel like the clock is ticking on the game and I have to play it. I have games that I played a bit, then let sit on the shelf for a month or two before I played them again. I don’t want to pay for that privilege with a subscription game.

For many MMOGs have been a terrific value, as a good MMOG will cut down on the money you spend on gaming. I’ve seen posts from players who say they buy far fewer PC games than they used to because they’re content to play an online game. It’s certainly like that for me. If I’m in the middle of an MMOG and enjoying it, I don’t have much desire to play another game.

For a lot of players it’s $13/month for a subscription instead of $40/month for a new game.

What Mark said.

Arogan, I hear ya, bro.

I used to easily game 8 to 10 hours in a week. There have been a couple of months since Carter was born that I was lucky to get 8 to 10 hours in a month of non-review-related gaming.

Planetside intrigues me, but I know I’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 hours a month in for the next couple of months, since work is so busy right now and I have Rise of Nations on my hard drive calling me. Not paying $55 for that.

Of course, I also think that the disc should be $25 or less if you’re stuck with a monthly fee in a game, with the option of a free download. (Like the MM flight sims do it.) But that’s another story…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big proponent of flat rate vs. per-minute gameplay. Anyone who used to game on CI$ or GEnie – at $6 to $8 an hour – knows $13 isn’t that big a deal. But for those of us who aren’t going to live in the game, it’d be nice to have the option to buy a block of minutes.

What kills me, though, are the guys who spend 40 hours a week playing a game and then whine that it’s $13 a month instead of $9.99. :-)

That’s a very good point. Much to my wallet’s dismay, my brain doesn’t work that way & I need more variety.