I hate myself for loving this Macbook


It’s a very limited device. It’s not like nobody’s criticized that. I certainly wouldn’t buy one.

Although you can charge and plug-in devices with a dongle.


Multiple dongles. I’d be happy with 1. I was able to get 16GB RAM, but I still can’t avoid multi-dongle :o


Depends how many plugs you need. Most dongles have at least two USB-A ports.


I have a 2016 15" I love. the thing is a tank. I dropped it on a concrete floor this weekend and one corner has a small dent and a scuffle mark.

I don’t find #donglelife to be a problem. So many laptops need them these days. My work ThinkPad needs a mini-display to connect to a projector. I don’t mind having a dongle attached to a cable anyway.

No SD port isn’t a big problem. I don’t use it much, and don’t mind hooking in an adapter for it. I have a few combo USB-A and USB-C flash drives that are handy if I need to move things around.


I just need one, while charging, and it’s not USB-A. It’s not a big ask.


You need a second USB-C port specifically, while charging? That is an unusual scenario in 2017.


I need a single usb-c port available on a laptop while it is plugged in. What’s unusual is that it’s not available in 2017, even as a (single) dongle or hub.


Do you mean USB-A?


lol – no, I mean usb-c. The Macbook comes with a single usb-c port. If you are plugged-in (A/C power), you have zero usb-c ports, no matter which single adapter or hub you use, because none of them provide any more usb-c ports than they consume.

It was sort of understandable in early 2015; it’s amazing that you still cannot do it now.


Bah, sorry. I keep forgetting this is about the MacBook, not the MacBook Pro.


Yeah, I get that it only has one port, I’m just surprised that you need an available USB-C port specifically. That’s what’s unusual.


External SSD HDs are starting to be native USB-C.


Earlier in the thread I noted “in 2017”. In the next year or two that will be much more common.


I’m on my second Samsung SSD (a T-5). Both it and my previous T-4 are natively usb-c. Ditto the S8+ I had for awhile, the Displayport adaptors coming from my LG & Dell monitors, etc.


When I got my MacBook pro, I thought about the macbook one. The one port and lack of power changed my mind.


Does anyone know if I can use the USB-C 61W power adapter that came with 13" MBP to charge an iPhone 6 (if it’s possible, I am thinking of picking up a USB-C to Lightning cable). That way, all I need to carry is just one power brick. Apple support page says that it can be used to fast charge iPhone 8 and X, but that’s for fast charging the 8 and X. I am wondering about whether it is too over powered to charge an old device like the iPhone 6 Plus (understand you only need 5W to charge vs 61W). I am afraid my iPhone will bust in flames!


I’ve used a MacBook brick to charge my Nexus 5X, but Apple probably gets ownership of your retirement accounts and any odd-numbered offspring if you connect an unapproved charging solution to your iPhone so I wouldn’t risk it.


LOL, I wouldn’t be surprise that it will not work so I am forced to “upgrade” to a 8 or X.


I suspect it will work just fine - the phone will sip the power it needs. Hey, why don’t you try it and let us know!

I’ll try it tonight otherwise. I have a 6s, too.


I don’t have the USB-C to Lightning cable yet, therefore asking the question to see if I should pick one up (if it works).