I hate myself for loving this Macbook


I feel bad for asking this question in a “I hate myself for loving this MacBook” thread and so much good info might be lost because of the thread title… Can the admin fork this out as a separate thread?


Bah. Glorious thread titles are part of our heritage on qt3. Watch what you ask for, lest we end up with an automated filter that rejects “that’s interesting” in thread titles.


I picked up the USB-C to Lightning cable; plug it into the 61W MacBook Pro power brick and yes, it seemed to be charging the iPhone 6 Plus just fine. I hope it won’t blow up or something :P


This was timely:

Via https://gizmodo.com/we-tested-iphone-fast-charging-and-you-should-definitel-1820483924


Yeah, that’s a best-case scenario starting from 0% and only charging for 30 minutes. In real-world usage the difference between 12w and 29w is much less impressive.

Very happy with the battery life on the X. It’s just as good as the plus, even though it has a higher resolution screen. Apple didn’t wuss out and make it as thin as possible for once.


Just a silly question, but everybody seems to be talking about 5w and 12w chargers, while all my Apple chargers are 10w. Where are the missing 2w?!


It’s an exchange rate thing.


Older iPad chargers were 10w, newer ones are 12.


After a couple of years and some really naughty (and very weird) system crash, my Mac started to corrupt itself from the inside, resulting in unpleasant behaviour that was spreading slowly. When I couldn’t open system logs anymore, I figured it was time for a reinstall.
I launched Time Machine, backed up my system, rebooted in the recovery menu, asked to restore from my back up.
The whole process took a whole 2 hours, while I was out to lunch.
On logging in, I have been asked by about 3 applications to confirm they should use their old setting or to allow them to phone home and that’s about it.
I had never a reinstall go this smoothly, even on the classic Macintoshes.
Man, I hate OS X, but sometimes, just sometimes, I love it.


Time Machine system restores are awesome. It makes buying a new PC effortless.

I wish Windows had something as simple.


So my stupid personal MacBook Pro (Late 2011) just did a thing where it doesn’t want to talk to my router in its capacity as a DHCP server. Good times. Nothing I tried fixed it other than manually assigning an IPv4 to the dumb thing.

Anyone dealt with similar? My guess is the wifi card in this thing is dying, but what do i know.


My b, it was the router. Figured that wasn’t the problem because my phone was connected fine, but apparently the dhcp took a dump at some point. Rebooting the router solved it. Huzzah!