I hate the media

Are HIV-infected suicide bombers a new threat?

What about half man, half shark HIV-infected cowboys riding nukes? What other crazy shit can we make up to try to scare you?

I tell you, if the terrorists had half shark HIV-infected cowboys riding nukes in their arsenal, I’d join out of sheer appreciation for their creativity.

Hounds with bees in their mouths, and when they bark they shoot bees at you?

HIV? That’s laughable. Out of almost every infectious organism in the world, HIV would probably be the least useful in an operation like that. You can only get it from low concentration samples (like blood) if it gets in contact with your blood or a mucous membrane. HIV is one of the most difficult diseases to transmit that’s known. This might infect some people who would otherwise have been only slightly injured. Maybe. Unlikely, though.

There are lots of diseases out there that are highly infectious and therefore useful for bioterror. HIV is a joke. The common cold virus would do more damage.

The objective is to scare people, not necessarily infect them with AIDS.

Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite bow-tie wearing tool…

Der Media = stoopid mofos.

This has already been done in a terror act in Tel Aviv, a few years ago.
None of the injured, or medical staff around got HIV out of it. So it’s obviously, does not work. Al Quaida is a few years late.


I just want to strangle Carlson with that stupid little bowtie.

Poison Nova and Corpse Explosion necros are two different builds, noob. Osama Bin Laden doesn’t even have full trang-oul’s yet, and it’s obvious he is corpse explo/revivify specc’d anyways. Guess Tucker Carlson wants us to watch out for hammerdins in bear form too.

I’m pretty sure Osama is a Bardarian.

No, he is a twinked necro. He has low hps, and minions, when he spawned on the Taliban map he had lots of luck items but no no his friend the doctor has find item, potions, and gold. He is barbarian with good battle orders skill but can’t do much damage on his own because my friend said he carries Gull dagger and mf sword but spec’d maces and has no slots to reroll.

Doctor = MF Barb


Miss D2.


Don’t miss it! Play it! They even have a newer patch out. I still play D2 myself.

Honest to God, I really want a disclaimer over every one of these Web articles that reads “FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY: None of what you’re about to read should be taken seriously.”

And yeah, I really do want to rip that Tie off Tucker’s neck right before I smack the smirk off his face.

Which is precisely why he wears it.

I love this:

It’s a form of, you know, radiological terrorism, except using blood, in the hopes that they infect people anywhere from, I think, you can imagine, anywhere from 10 feet to 200 feet from the suicide bomber.

Uh, I think the word you’re looking for is biological?

God this is old. Yes, terrorists have already tried this, with some success. It only made people fear the situation more but did very little tactically. One day this may be a problem if they get some much more contagious disease like smallpox available to them, but then vials of blood on a grenade would work better then a person on a claymore.

Rotten pig carcasses on catapults is when we should start worrying.

They have?