I hate this guy

Nobody makes that face while playing a video game. Ever. At least Intense Grunting Asian Gamer was so absurdly over the top it was funny, but this guy just looks retarded.

Yeah, him. This Game Forum kid looks like he’s reluctantly trying to do an impression of that guy.

Like Tay Zonday even games.

Actually it looks like he just saw his first Whittalink.

You always remember your first time. Those scars never heal.

I think he’s a midget.

That’s the only way to explain the placement of his hands and the way he’s holding his controller up to his chin.

And why is that PS3 white.

It’s like they’re trying to filter out any people who actually know anything about games so they can scam the ignorant.

All your favourite consoles! PSP! And, uh, more!

I miss those early 90s ads that featured a small crowd of racially diverse twentysomethings crowded around a monitor, cheering and playing… something fun, I guess.

Mario Kart 64; the game MLK would play.

Looks like he’s trying to pass a brick off his kidney.
Or just shat his pants in general.

Seriously, this is the kind of face you make when you realized you’ve just made a horrible mistake in your last move and are about to get whipped and lose the game and all the effort you put onto it; so close to victory, too.
Typical for fighting games when you fail to execute the combo properly, get blocked and the opponent catches you off guard with a SDM and you’re down to your last HP bar.
Kodak - so you can cherish these precious few seconds of ephiphanus(sp??) realization of defeat for the rest of your life.

I dont see what the little dude has done to deserve such a powerful emotion such as hate. to me, he only evokes slight dislike and a little contempt. whatever.

He’s actually really nice when you get to know him.

Its because we all fear a little that this is how we look when playing our favorite console.

Eh, in the pantheon of hated adver-gamers, he’s not even worth noting when compared to these gods of old.

The guy in the nGage ad just figured out what he has to do to change the cart.

No, I think he’s just really upset he bought an N-Gage.

It is possible the regret is caused by the cart changing.