I hate this guy


Yeah, for sure. I saw the thumbnail for this on IGN and hated it immediately and thought of this thread, so I used Google Image Search to find a larger size and this is the first one I grabbed.


Were all taking about the same picture, right?


I have added the original photo to my current employer’s HipChat for any time we need to say “Woo!”


Looks like someone told him Nintendo put Siri on the Switch.



Yo, but that one kid hanging on the chair back has sweet pegged cargo pants though.


Oh god, pegging. Forgot about that. That is some seriously 1991 shit right there. So fresh.

Ahaha, I actually pegged (heh) the year based on the kids’ outfits without even seeing the caption. So glad those brain cells are being used for a good purpose.


What the hell is going on in here.


A whole lot of radical 'tude, obviously.


Careful who you say that around. Just an FYI. And don’t check Urban Dictionary for the meaning.



Grew up in the 90s reading Savage Love. I’m well aware, brother.

I was always partial, in a linguistic sense, to “gobsoffing.” But that’s a deep cut there.


Been there, done that.




I find the dude relatively benign, compared to the ridiculous testosterone-fueled marketing jargon splattered everywhere, that screams “I am so insecure”.


Did you click through to the full ad, and read the copy? :)


If they want an INTENSE DUDE!! in their ads, why don’t they just ask a Qt3’er?


See the bloodshot eyes of your quivering enemy.


It looks like he might be wearing Gunnar glasses. Wearing them automatically makes one a douche.


Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.