I hate this guy


Why would you avoid the elm leaves? I call fake!



It’s a real product, but maybe not what you think.



Aw, a bit disappointed, but also a bit of faith back in the world at the same time!


I admit I would be much more willing to wash dishes if it would unlock an achievement.


As a gag box, that’s pretty awesome. I may get one of those to use at Christmas.


Dude, do you even rake? You can’t get those liiiiittle Elm leaves and Pin Oak leaves with a normal rake. That is simply madness, you might as well try to rake sand! This is why leaf blowers were invented.


Meanwhile in the UK you can purchase this lovely box for the most reasonable sum of £37


Don’t forget £10 delivery.


Gumballs are the worst. They get pressed into the ground and you can’t rake them. They seem to be one of Nature’s most useless byproducts. Things that hurt to walk on, don’t biodegrade, and fall from trees by the thousands. Critters don’t eat them either.






Ads for ‘serious’ software are often worse. Softalk ads got a lot of mileage out of the ‘generic businessman’ trope. They always wore vests in those days. Do businessmen still wear vests? I only ever wore one at my wedding, but I’m not a businessman.


They really like the printer.



I have to admit that I was very disappointed to grow up, become a ‘businessman’ and not have to wear a vest. I feel like the '80s culture I grew up with prepared me for a lie!


This may be the creepiest Santa I’ve seen.


Don’t you dare stare wistfully at my new computer. You’re where you belong, lady.


My favorite part of that ad is that “List Handler” appears to be some sort of giant cartridge.


The lighting on Santa’s face makes him look downright evil!


You guys are missing the whole Vest angle. Businessmen all wear three piece suits. If you take off the jacket in the office, that’s the equivalent of rolling up your sleeves to get he serious work done. That’s why you just see them in a vest: they aren’t dressing UP, they are dressing DOWN!