I hate this guy


I know what I’ll be up against, ridiculously high online bills. An angry wife.


I’m pretty sure I can take anyone who’s playing anything on the PC with a single index finger on the colon/semi-colon key. Bring it, Phil Hartman/Jason Bateman Hybrid Man!!!


Wow, that’s a punchable face if there ever were.


That was back when you were more likely to be up against an adult.


Did not realize C64 had network (Internet?) connectivity.


Sure, there were modems widely available for the C-64 and other 8-bits. IIRC AOL started as Quantum Link a dedicated network for C-64/128.


This feels like an ad for To Catch A Predator.


This article features the screaming Hayes modem, when bandwidth was in bps!




He just discovered his first Britney Spears Geocities page, and the possibilities of the World Wide Web are dawning on him all at once.


And a constantly busy home phone. When your wife is trying to call you. From a rotary phone in her office. Before cell phones and broadband and the internet.


Meh, that’s what smoke signals were for.


Heh. Compuserve on a 300 baud modem. On a C 64, no less.

“What do you mean you want to watch TV? I’m playing an ASCII game here!”




He’s waiting for a naked lady to load one line at a time.


Lookit that elbow!


I think her elbow is rather fetching, myself.


Oh god, everything about that screams ‘Freshman college Photoshop midterm’


Too distracted by those giant-ass PS4 controllers. Had no idea those came in big-n-tall sizes.


Is that three white purses in the background by the door? I’d say a guy made this.