I hate this guy


Ugh, tell me about it.


As part of the regular “those creepy commercials” feature of the thread…

Probably was only a scam, though?


Nah, that’s how I met my wife.


I meant, they probably sent a floppy with a word file. I doubt there was even a program.


Come to think of it, that would explain a lot about our marriage.


Way back in the 286 days, there were some “expert systems” that could be programmed to do some interesting test parsing and responses, some folks tried to make decision-tree stuff based on this. ESIE was the one I recall messing with, but it’s so old it can’t be looked up on a current search engine without being buried in more modern uses of the name (including a DOS emulator, apparently).

Probably wouldn’t be hard to spend a few days putting together a half-hour or so of “girl chat” using a system like that. Especially given how predictable the text entries I think we all know this particular software would get.


Remember Dr. Sbaitso?


You can tell it was a scam because the ad didn’t even list their website.


Yes, very fondly. And the Talking Parrot!


I get all my spiritual advice from MS Office Clippy.

(Too mean? Should I delete this?)


With Robbie Coltrane!


I love this thread.


Maybe it was like Sexy ELIZA.


Lol no it’s awesome lol.


“Watch her”



Seems plausible.


That should be an emote on Twitch it’s so terrible.


She wouldn’t have to strain that hard to see if she would WEAR THE DAMN GLASSES.


Not only is the picture beautiful, but the text alludes to what is the most important part of my life. What a wonderful dream-filled package!