I hate this guy


It’s like selling bubblegum flavored vape pens, the gun industry has to get to kids when they are young.


For obvious reasons, new user acquisition is very important to the Russian roulette industry.


That big mouth dog’s bark must be ear piercing.

Thanks Santa!


My nephews actually have the dog one, though theirs is an alligator version.

It doesn’t make noise, you just push teeth down until one of them causes the jaws to close.



Where did that tattoo come from?


“Hold on. I wasted my credit on this?”


"Whaddaya mean, they’re magically delicious??


Well, when a guy with an ink gun and someone with body image issues love each other very much…




At first I thought this was a chance to play with the actor from ‘American Ninja’, but I do not think RedBull existed back then?


Good ol’ Tyler “Ninja” Blevins


That person’s hair is very green.


I know this probably doesn’t count but who is wearing this? If it’s you, you can back it on kickstarter. Unlock your inner star wars trooper.

Play star wars with your friends.

or just sit back and let aroma therapy soothe your gaming soul!


Oh I’m sure that won’t cause any health problems attaching a fucking Glade Plugin right to your face.


Do they have a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew Code Red scent?


I for one look forward to buying 50 charges of premium Earl Grey teabagging scent for just $1.99.


While delicious, Earl Grey can be subtle so I would really need to press it against my chin for the full experience.


I don’t hate that guy at all. And he even looks like he’s playing a videogame on his personal computer.

Geforce is doing it all wrong!



He looks like he’s thinking, “This game would be so cool if I had a monitor.”