I hate this guy

Woot! First google images hit for ‘Derpspace’:


Not that it’s as common a term as ‘velociraptor,’ but I’ll take what I can get.

I should clarify. First hit for the phrase ‘Giada or velociraptor’.

I have no claims to fame, but since we’re in this thread I can hate everybody with one.

That would make an awesome DVD case cover. Just sayin’.
Or box cover for floppies. Or a floppy. However big the game turns out to be.

I’ve got fingers crossed for a proper manual, like this one:

(shown: DEC microVAX II VMS manual)

I read every one of those back in the day. Good times.


I did buy some very early 4x back in the day that came with a miniature three ring binder.



I thought they went bankrupt but apparently they were just sold on the cheap.

And now he works for Accenture.

No, really.

I like the “falling down a well” pose.

I thought that was a first-hand view of his opponents being squashed like a bug.

Did they take some sort of inspiration from bad dragon?


Always wondered why we called them Joysticks… and now I know