I hate this guy

Sure, you’ve got your gaming mouse and gaming chair. But do you have a gaming N95 mask with RGB lights?


Cool is literally in the name though. Can’t be bad.

Disclaimer - I don’t hate this guy:

So, I get the angle here, and VR is cool, but the ad is not working for me. Also there’s nothing in it to allay my concerns about doing strenuous physical activity while also wearing a headset over my eyes.

Sweating all over your headset sounds like a great idea!

VR and cardio… a match made in hell. Even the fairly chill flight simming I do makes my HMD fog up like a motherfucker. Le nope-O.

Indeed. For VR to really take off they need to go further to minimize the headset.

It’s funny. I read these LitRPG books that are all about players going into a VR world that is like being in the real world, and many of them require the player to crawl into an electronic coffin thing so they are fully immersed in the VR world. I just don’t see that ever happening in the real world.

Well, some folks go in for sensory deprivation tanks…

It’s really not a huge issue (cardio workouts with a headset on). It’s just a matter of setting it up properly, get a decent cover for the HMD, get a proper strap so it’s balanced correctly, and preferably work out in a cool / air-conditioned room. I do it regularly and it’s really not a problem. That’s not to say a smaller, lighter HMD wouldn’t improve it further of course.

I have a 2 by five foot area set aside for a virtual cockpit. Car chair, life size stick and rudders. It comes close to what you describe. And I’m not the only one doing this…

Sometimes I take off the headphones and goggles and blink bewilderedly at a little boy with a big-eyed zombie stare. “How long have you been there son?” “I watched you fly dad. Your takeoff sucked.”

My initial concern was less about sweat and fogging than about bumping into shit. I feel like you’d need a pretty large space for that not to be an issue, but I’ve never tried it, so who knows.

Google VR and TVs destroyed or something like that.

Probably the best thread for this? Hilarious.

“Farfallity” is good.

Man, Captain Crunch is the last cereal that should be tweeting something about soggy cereal being bad. Unless they’ve changed the recipe since whenever the last time I had it was, the only difference between eating non-soggy Captain Crunch and chewing on broken glass is that the latter has less sugar.

That’s Cap’n Crunch to you!

Skip to 4:40 or better yet, watch the whole thing

Crunchberry embargo killed me.

That was funny, thanks.