I hate this guy

Would you like to touch my monkey?


Thankfully they didn’t post an American.

The woo guy was the friends we made along the way

For your consideration:

From The VR hug podcast…

So in VR they are hugging different people I’m assuming?

Leaning into someone’s shoulder would put pressure on one side of your headset. That is apparently like a fork scraping a dinner plate for me, which I didn’t know until looking at this photo. I hate this guy’s shoulder!

Funny enough, I actually did find out who this guy is the other day and meant to come here to post about it. Then I forgot. Now I don’t remember. Because of all the old inside my brains.

For your consideration:

There’s a hole in the bottom of that box of Cheez-its.

1: Cut a hole in the box.


Yep, that sounds like something Funnyman Rob Schneider would say alright.

“Fast, seamless 15 frames per second video”.

That and, vaccines are bullshit. My body my choice.

Wow, the old days. I remember a lot of games from that era but that not this one.

I thought FMV sucked until I played that. Then I knew it sucked.

I’ll see your Rob Schneider and raise you the half-brother of Bill Clinton, Roger Clinton.