I hate this guy

That’s Roger Clinton with a side of Punky Brewster. Holy cow the 90s were a weird time in gaming.

Not to mention Andy Robinson, aka Garak!

I remember there being a GEnie Mechwarrior/Battletech ad with some people with bad hair and silver foil costumes with the ad copy something song the lines of “freaks, geeks and weirdos…meet your people” anyone remember that?

There are way too many faces to punch.

And in addition to the aforementioned star power, the daughter of Micky Dolenz!

Damn it, now I kind of want to play it.

Someone call the phone numbers!


LOL absolute perfection


EF2000 was a great game I really appreciated.

I have no comments on that ad, other then “hey, nice mullet, bro”.

I’m mostly amused at them getting the #2 ranked player.

“Come at the duke, you best not miss.”

When Avenger walks into a room Kenny Loggins starts playing on the radio.

I like that they just put his email address in the ad, too. A more innocent time for sure.

Yeah, not cool doxxing your endorser.

I also liked the “LA, CA”, so you don’t think he’s one of the Connecticut Avengers.

I’d rather not

But doesn’t it look exxxxxtreeeeeme?!

“We need to get a guitar in there! Dude guy would have a guitar!”
“There’s no room, I’m using a dramatic low angle shot.”