I hate this guy

omfg attack of the fat zombie chick intarweb meme


It looks less like he’s playing video games and more like he walked into the living room and saw his Mom getting boned by the neighborhood Doberman Pinscher.

Gaming is responsible for this.

No no, Foxstab, the Fat Princess thread is this way -->

A challenger appears!

“The great thing about the 360 isn’t beating the games, it’s showing everyone online that I did.”

Man that’s pathetic. A little ego, a little pride is fine, in whatever hobby you may have… but good lord. Is it teachers, with those little gold star stickers on a poster board in front of the whole class, that messed everyone up?

Should we start another discussion about how gaming is most definitely not responsible for those fucked up kids?


Yes, those teachers sure did mess up the advertising executives who concocted that quote out of whole cloth.

Oh, great, look… an Andy Wooohol.

What kids? I see one kid and one demon.

I so want that on a t-shirt. And for more formal occasions? A patterned tie.

We could probably make that guy the unofficial mascot of QT3. I doubt there’s any business institution that still has an interest in the image.

<Reel big fish> When I’m in the pit, I like to punch and kick. When I’m in the pit, dont’cha knooooww, I LIKE TO FUCK UP SHIT MAN! </Reel big fish>


The needle in my Dennis Miller-o-meter just shot straight up.

(yes, I know that in fact referencing a “Dennis Miller-o-meter” would cause your own personal obscure reference-o-meter to shoot up)

Also, I hate that ad.

I had to google Tay Zonday. I was immediately sorry and angry and annoyed and angry.

You can safely ignore Tay Zonday. That is all.