I hate this guy

Oh, I have since filed him away in the part of my memory reserved for “stupid Internet fads started by people desperate for stupid Internet fads”.

His buddy playing Rock Band?

(ok, yeah, it’s a stretch, but it’s a funny pic anyway)

I can see his fillings.


That’s a girl?

Her arm is so beefy!

Looking at those teeth, I thought it was a horse.

I’m pretty sure that’s a guy in drag.

in an mma match i’d take that woman to the ground right away. in any other situation, i’d avert my eyes and try very hard to ignore her existence lol. look at them arms! and those teeth!

There’s also the men’s-style watch.

And the suspicious sideburns that makes the hair look like a wig.

Doesn’t look like fire, Angie or Athryn at all.

To say nothing of the frightening facial expression.

OMG LOL I look at the big kid and think Ned from Venture Bros.
That’s someone’s little angel.

That’s nothing to be proud of, Russ.


Hey, look, it’s Photochop Phriday! Umm… isn’t it? Please? I’m scared!

moore wins teh intarwebz


In my defense, it’s the name of the image: “woowarhol.gif”

This is one meme I’ve apparently missed out on.

And no, that’s not a photoshop. That’s from an actual ad that I saw at an actual site while looking up how Windows does POSIX system calls earlier this afternoon.

Windows is POSIX like a man is a woman?

As far as I can figure out, the syscalls in question exist, but they are all prefaced by an underscore, e.g. read() in Linux/BSD/Mac/Unix/everything is _read() in Windows, etc.

That looks like my “slowly realizing that my little sister saved over my GTA IV game” face.

And…yah what the hell is up with that ad? Was the dude who made it really so broke that it was cheaper to photoshop a wig and scary lipstick scream on-top of guy gamer picture then to get a model?

Note that they don’t answer the question. Clearly they are saying that girls can’t design bad guys, let alone out-frag the boys. After all, there are no girls on the internet to advertise to in the first place.

While we’re on the subject, I hate these girls, and I hate me for the fact I’m hawking the company’s wares(Game Crazy, that is, unless Ubi fails to deliver on BG&E 2, then they can die).