I have 20,000 posts. What have you done today? :)

I have way too much time on my hands. I know there is a thread with a title like this one. But this is mine.

Have at it.

I went back to the office for the first time in nearly a week, got a decent amount of work done, paid for some procrastination on my part, procrastinated on something else immediately after, listened to several new albums only a couple of which I cared for at all, and was super impressed that my friend Rich had made 20,000 awesome fucking posts on Qt3.

Oh that is so cool!

Nah. Mostly shitposts. But thanks. :)

Hey, I decided to go dig around and see if I could find my post count (I miss the days when it was right there on our posts) and apparently I’ve done 20.4K! So suck it, everybody! Looka me, I’m shakin’ my boo-tay!


Oh my, I’ve broken the 10k barrier. Does that make me World’s End Supernova, or was that 15k?

Geez, I’ve been on QT3 since what, about 2005 or so? And only created 4400 posts, apparently. I tip my hat to you.

Dude, congrats!!

(Also, dude, how does one see their post count? I’m on mobile.)

Rich. You are a mensch. And I mean that.


Thank you! 12.8K. I have quite a ways to go.

12.1k, which seems like a lot…I feel like I barely post here, though probably at least 10% is in the movie frame game thread.

Then again, I guess it’s been like 16 years or so on QT3. That shit adds up pretty fast.

What I did today? Check my post count, like many others. Which turned out to be 1112. Which makes this post 1113. Which sucks, a bit, I would have liked it much better if it had been post 1111…

Anyway, other than that, just work.

Well, I’ve been relatively quiet and haven’t nearly reached that many posts, but I did realize that I had my 10 year QT3 anniversary in July.

Despite some of the drama over the years, I’m still extremely grateful that I stumbled upon this community back then and even though I’m not as vocal as some of the others, I feel like this is pretty much my digital home.

Thanks everyone for the many engaging conversations about Life, the Universe and Everything Else!


Congrats on your milestone! But now I’ve done the math and I’ve been posting on Q23 for only a smidge less than half my life.

I honestly completely forgot about this because I don’t see my post count any more. I have 17.5 though, but still way behind @RichVR! Congrats!!

@CraigM has really pulled ahead - he’s 1,000 more posts than I am now, and we used to be neck and neck back in the day. I have to up my game.

More like a third for me, having recently crossed the decade mark. That’s a weird feeling.

My gf and I will have been together for half my life in a couple of years. That’s also kinda cool :)

looks at BSG threads no comment

That’s rather crazy to think about, but I’m not there just yet.

17.5k for me, but the old blue boards held a LOT of my posting too.

Yeah, PBF really inflates your totals…