I have a little something to show you :)

Yes! As someone who just put a few water lillies and iris’ in a water feature, and is under the impression that they winter fine in deep water, I am intensely interested in any tips @jpinard !

I just learned something new today! Yay!

Beautiful pictures, Jeff. I only wish that there was a webcam feed going in glorious 1080p or 4K to which I could tune in to the Frop Bog at will.

This just made me happy :D

Man, the bog really is looking good. You can probably draw a line under it now, and move on to the walrus tank!

Great to see you back, Jeff.

At first I was like, what? And then I was, oh yeah, that’s right.

Lovely frops.

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing Jeff, the bog looks absolutely amazing!

Amazing shots although I was a bit disappointed because I came in expecting nudes.

I don’t see any frog clothes!

Love it - your hard work and dedication is obvious - such an awesome frog bog! Stay well.

I endorse this escalation plan.

Welcome back! The FropBog looks great!