I have an egg

I want to see what manner of retarded shit this is.

Hold on … did you just link me to a furry site?

I don’t know if neopets count as furry if they don’t have genitals.

I’m pretty sure the genitals are just covered by the fur.

If they aren’t grossly engorged and veiny they don’t count.

Well I guess you’d know lol don’t hit me :(

Okay, I’ll play.

I find balut trying to hatch an egg to be very funny.

OK I’m in.


Fucking pink egg.

Well, halfway through its incubation I crack it open and eat it.

Woah, mine hatched already!

Did you drill holes in your egg, or saw through it lengthwise?

I saw canned quail eggs in the grocery store today. Mmm!

One time at a Vietamese supermarket, I saw fertilized eggs for sale there. They had feathers sticking out of them too (I’m sure for show only). I understand it’s a delicacy.

When I was a kid, I used to see them at the regular grocery store all the time. Not often nowadays though.