I have an XBox now!

With Fable, GGXX#R, and Mechassault. And I hate Halo.

So what should I get.

Also, I’ll be registering on Live tomorrow most likely, as extarbags, so I guess this can be a new post your gamertags thread as well.

Also I’ll take all comers in Reload.

That is all.

It depends on what you like, of course, but my favorite Xbox games include:

Knights of the Old Republic
Fatal Frame 2 (new version for Xbox–one of my favorite horror games ever)
Project Gotham Racing 2
Amped 2 (this game is really underrated)
Chronicles of Riddick

Already have KOTOR for PC, and I’m planning on getting Riddick, and I’m going to hold off on racing/sports games for now. I wanted to play FF2, what’s new in this version? Also, what’s so great about this Otogi that everyone buzzes about?

I’m playing Dark Alliance 2 on the Xbox right now. Dark Alliance 1 was a winner too, and arguably better. NFL 2K5 is a recent purchase too. Oh yea, if you like Dark Alliance, Dungeons & Dragons Heroes was an Xbox exclusive “clone” that was very enjoyable as a co-op game.

Edit: Oh yea, I forgot, X-Men Legends! Hehe, can you guess that I like top-down hack n’ Slash games?

Panzer Dragoon Orta should definitely be on your list.

For Live, if you have even a remote interest in sports, consider either NFL2K5 or NHL2K5. I keep hearing Ghost Recon is a lot of fun on there too. I’ll be picking that up soon. It’s like $10.99 used at Gamestop.


PDO most definitely is on my list, right near the top. I’ve been wanting to check out X-Men Legends, but I’m waiting for the price drop. Does it have Live play?

Dave, what’s your Live tag? I owe you an ass whoopin, if I recall correctly.

Any Tom Clancy game is decent on the Xbox and the ones that are Live are even better.

It’s a creative tag. “Dave Long” ;)



Also, just so everyone knows, my XBox looks like this:

Call me a doofus if you want, but I think it’s freaking awesome.

What happened to the drive tray?

If you can live with the graphics, Ghost Recon. I love it but I know guys who won’t go near it because the engine is dated. Whatever. It’s probably ten dollars now but if the people who think games should be priced based on how long you play them had their way Ghost Recon would be worth $100.

Oh yeah, and Steel Battalion.

No idea. That’s not actually mine; that’s a picture from ebay of some dude who’s selling the same skin as mine.

Mine has a drive tray still.

You need

Ninja Gaiden
Rallisport Challenge 2
Crimson Skies

I disagree about Ninja Gaiden. I think it’s a game that definitely needs to be rented first - it’s not for everyone. I bought the game, and because I can’t handle the fact that the game was beating me into the ground, I played it for many hours, and while coming up with some creative new ways to swear, I managed to beat the game.

They will never see another penny of my money. While I respect the desire to create a difficult game, now that I have to deal with both college and work I don’t have that kind of time. (Summer was slow for me.) If the developer won’t bother to put an option in there for those of us who aren’t l33t, then I won’t bother putting another coin in the slot.

And I have to second the vote on X-Men: Legends as long as you have at least one other person to play it with you, even without Live play. 4 player co-operative games are just to rare NOT to support them.

Lots of good suggestions already in this thread.

Burnout 3 is a blast to play. The Live play can be a bit wonky, but it’s a blast to play with friends.

24 days until good ol’ Fatal Frame 2, Director’s Cut hits the stores…:)

extarbags, do you already own Prince of Persia for the PC? Otherwise I think you should get it for the Xbox.

I also second the votes for Ninja Gaiden and Burnout 3. Unfortunately, the lack of save points in Ninja Gaiden may piss you off, as will the unfair rubberbanding in Burnout. I guess there just is no such thing as a perfect game.

Oh, I think you should try Psi-Ops too, lots of fun with physics.

Have fun with your new purchase. :-)


Even though you said you wanted to hold off on racing and sports games, I’ll throw into the Burnout 3 chorus; it’s definitely worth making an exception for. SSX 3 is, as well; it’s racked up the most hours by far in my ps2 (hadn’t completed the console trifecta, or even duo, back then), and I’m seriously tempted to rebuy it just to get a little bit of extra graphics oomph from it.

Burnout 3 is my Xbox Game of the Year, so far.

Another vote for Burnout 3. I really like the live experience even with strangers.

I don’t like XBox.