I have been waiting for this website all my life

Now I don’t have to use Post-It notes any more!


I’ve actually done this before when I witnessed truly heinous parking jobs, but it was always in angrily scrawled letters on whatever scrap of paper I had in my car at the time.

Now I can tell these assholes to fuck off like a pro! Thanks youparklikeanasshole.com!

I love it.

Great idea, but I have to admit that in my non-Qt3, toddler-parent identity, I prefer not to inflict swear words on people who might have kids. So I wish they had toned down versions of these stickers. “YourParkingNeedsHelp.com” is what I want.


Why do they blur the plates? These guys are in public places. They deserve to be ridiculed for being jerks.

I got one of those notices once but the person who left it overlooked or ignored the fact that he or she had even more room than I did from my other neighbor and that my car was by far the smallest of the three. I practically had to grease myself up to get out…on the passenger side. Edit: and I concur with RepoMan, because my kid and her friends were with me at the time and, predictably, they arrived at the car and spotted the note first.

By the time your kids are old enough to understand what the words mean, they’ll already know more swears than you.

Not bad, but not great. Many of those picture takers are just being pissy. So the guy took up 1 1/2 parking spaces - in an empty lot! Stop the presses, call The Sun, we need coverage on this impending disaster!!! Some of them also look staged…

The one parking garage shot with the car squeezed a fractions of an inch of the driver’s side door of the Sebring is worth posting and getting angry about. Hopefully over time a more robust set of pictures will develop there.

Yeah a lot of those pics don’t even deserve to be there.

A couple days ago at work I saw a car that was parked at an angle across THREE spaces. Keep in mind this lot does fill up.

Now that fucker deserved to be on that site.

My typical revenge for such awful park jobs is to “adjust” their outside mirrors. It doesn’t damage their car, and I think is an entirely appropriate level of petty malice. They made my day just a little bit worse, now at some point they’ll be on the road and look in the mirror and see nothing but sky or road, their day will just be a little bit worse, too.

Yeah, I like to cut their brake lines too.

So the guy took up 1 1/2 parking spaces - in an empty lot!

Fuck that, learn to park. The rest of us did.

Call the police. It’s more effective than a website the person will never see.

Call 911 even.

No it isn’t. If it’s a private parking lot (like at a shopping mall, restaurant, etc.) the police are very, very reluctant to do anything, unless the owner/landlord of that parking lot has filed complaint, or unless the obnoxious parker has created a public safety problem.

A shopping mall is a private lot? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people get parking tickets there.

Those pictures don’t necessarily tell the whole story. I know I’ve been ‘forced’ to park like an asshole because of a prior asshole taking up 1 1/2 spaces in an already nearly full lot and I’m just jimmying my car in close to his (you know they’re all dudes too). I come back to find the real asshole gone and now I look like the asshole. Just sayin’.

In some states, you can ask the police/sheriff to enforce the stop/yield/handicapped signs that you post on private property that you own. After you do that, any violators on your property are fair game.


My favorite.

I like the one with the pickup truck right next to the Ferrari. I think the Ferrari parked over two spots to avoid being close to anyone, so the pickup decided to teach him a lesson and pull in anyway, with about an inch of clearance. Well played.