I have played a videogame in real life: escape room


I’m glad to see that some escape rooms have actual environmental puzzles.


The one I did was really good with lots of environmental puzzles. We were the first group through and the designer was observing, to see how it played. He would give hints and discussed issues with us. It was obvious a lot of thought and a decent amount of engineering was involved.


Just did the Zelda one here in LA. It was pretty good though it was my first escape room type thing. We were able to win with just a few minutes left so it was dramatic.


Man I so wanted to do it when it came to Chicago, but it sold out.


I subbed in for another friend that couldn’t make it. LA sold out really quickly too apparently. I guess the next one is Final Fantasy but the Attack on Titan one they were advertising seemed interesting!


The Fiance and I did one of these at the WI Dells last weekend. Had to solve the crime of the missing starlet! It was really down to the wire, and the guy who was our GM that gave us 3 hints throughout, was visibly excited that we finished with 49 seconds left. I remember unlocking the final step, and getting a key attached to a much bigger key, and I was like… this is a room key… Looked at the clock, less than a minute, I ran to the door and unlocked it.

Pretty cool, and I am someone who is super skeptical of everything.

Elusive Escape Rooms

There was clearly a bachelorette party there as well. Seems like a popular activity, my fiance went to one with her friend last year. This place was cool because they let you sign up as a team, and you didn’t get matched up with other people. The place she had gone to before had them matched up with strangers, which isn’t as fun.


Seems like there are 7 multi room venues near me. Time to make some calls.


Trapped in a room with a Zombie? I did this one in NYC. It’s the only escape room with randoms I liked. I was very scared.

But yeah. Avoid randoms. They suck more than xXx-Sansa420-xXx in your wow pickup group.


I did this in Prague over Christmas with a friend. It was EXTREMELY fun. Surprisingly difficult too; we only finished with 1 minute over time (you have 60 minutes to solve it them). If you’re near one, highly recommended!


One of the best one’s in Orlando


Oh hell yeah! Thanks.


Haven’t tried that one yet but my group of friends and I have done pretty much all of them at America’s Escape Game on I-Drive and they were all really fun (except the team vs team one)


I was reading about the America’s one. The issue is that, while I can get a decent group together, most of them… well… are not very bright. A few will probably be tanked by the time we get there. How well do they handle a crowd with a few shitfaced folks? Or should I go for a group minus the heavy drinkers?


Or, alternately, get the whole group sloshed, and record the whole thing for your (our) entertainment.


Don’t tell anyone about the success rate and just have a good time.


In our experience the America’s Escape game were pretty difficult, and I’m not sure I would try them after drinking haha, we usually saved the drinking for after the escape rooms. All sober we beat the lost tomb and pandemic but with less than a minute left for both (and using all 3 clues). The caretaker we lost and probably still had a good 10 minutes left after they showed us what remained.


The one I like going to does not allow drunk people. That said, I’ve gone after we’ve had a few drinks. As long as they behave properly and don’t try to damage the props it should be ok. If they are the type of people who try to brute force things you don’t want them to drink.

For NYC I like this one: I did all 4 rooms. 2-6 people, private rooms. Props are decent. The rooms have different types of puzzles which is nice. There’s usually something for everyone to feel useful.


This thread need to be locked.

And the key hidden in other thread. hehehe…

Make me happy that people have these good experiences in room-escape games. That so many people can find these things fun. For whatever reason make me hopeful in humanity :D


did this for a stag do. We escaped with 7 seconds on the clock. Was fun.


Need to research a good LA one soon for my wife’s birthday. Will try to find a good fantasy or noire themed one for a group of 6-10 maybe.

Also, we finished the Escape Room the Game (whichever one has the lab, the temple, nuclear bomb, + 1 more scenarios) - good stuff! The last one came down to the last few minutes until we figured it out.