I have played a videogame in real life: escape room


Brute forcing code locks is really against the spirit of the game.

I’ve been to two so far this year, one in Berlin (https://final-escape.com/berlin/en/the-puppeteer/) which was really good. Excellent production values, great theme and nice mix of puzzles.

The other one was in Oslo at Escape Games (http://www.escapegames.no/en/book/mystery-of-the-pirate-ship.html), which was also good and nice theme.


I just did the Zodiac room in LA last night. That might be the best room I’ve done yet out of the 6-10 I’ve done. I highly recommend it.

Not so spoiler spoiler (They tell you before you get in the room) but you start out handcuffed, so if that type of thing freaks you out then avoid it.


Wow, how many people were you with for Zodiac? Is it something that 2 people could do together or do you need a few more? We’re doing the ones around Torrance but always looking for bigger and better.


We were 6, which is the room maximum. Two people can technically do it but if you can get more definitely get more. There was a lot of simultaneous puzzle solving going on that sped us up. I really liked the room because there were a lot of really creative puzzles in it. Once you’ve done a bunch of rooms the puzzles can sometimes get a little formulaic. This one had a lot of really cool tricks.


Ah nice, will save it for a 4-5 person group then, thanks! We’ve done about 5 now total and have way too many to tackle still in LA.


8th one down! There’s a seasonal one called Santa’s List by the Back in Time folks at the Del Amo mall on Torrance if any locals are interested. Was pretty neat, though on the easier side compared to most we’ve done. We had fun and even solved the optional puzzle before punching in the final exit code.


Hmm, guess that was actually number 9 last time. We did one called “Lab Rat” over the weekend for my 10th room that’s supposed to be among the best around. Some site even has it ranked in the top 10 globally.

It was fun and they really put effort into the experience. Our group got hung up on one particular puzzle and we made it out with only 6 or so minutes left. No hints though! The building was very cool and definitely added to the atmosphere. It was also one of the biggest we’ve done area-wise. There was one puzzle that was a bit annoying but overall I’d highly recommend it to any LA-area folks. They have a wall of honor for folks that make it through with 0 or 1 hints so that was a nice touch at the end.



Where I live all rooms have a camera always checking what the people are doing in the room.

All normal rules apply. Like… if the local don’t have a food and drink license, they can’t sell you that.

I guess theres less rules about these things in poland.


Seems like less of an issue with escape rooms specifically than just enforcing fire code (or indeed any regulations) for commercial premises.




Yeah, at no point are you ever trapped or locked in a room in any escape room I’ve done. There’s always a button that will immediately open the door to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Wizard’s Workshop awaits us on Saturday for our 11th room!


We LA people should do an escape room together.

Also Rowe, I’ve crushed pretty much every escape room I’ve done and that one kicked our ass. A lot of it was lack of focus, but for some reason we barely escaped that one.


I’d be down for it for sure. And I definitely won’t relay the WW ass-kicking to my wife as she gets nervous if she knows how hard it’ll be! We’re doing this one with her sister+husband and not our usual group so will be understaffed :D

Here’s our list from our first one back in 2017:

Magic Kingdom - one of our two favorites for the theme, implementation, pretty easy though
Jack the Ripper - good one
Salem Witch - interesting, one puzzle was badly done
Dragon’s Lair - ok
Sword of Hattori Hanzo - fun one
Casino Heist - bleh
Outbreak - this was great, just 3 of us did it. Had my favorite escape room moment yet
Inside Area 51 - we killed this one in near record time somehow, was a great room
Operation: Santa’s List - just a fun seasonal one
Lab Rat - our other top favorite, great stuff
Ben Franklin’s Invention Room - mediocre but the game runner was funny & into it


Oh man, you haven’t done any of the fox in a box ones. Those are so good! I’ve only done Tesla, Bank, and Zodiac there but they were all must dos.


We actually tried to do a Fox one as a last minute thing near Anaheim but they weren’t taking late reservations. We live near Torrance so we haven’t strayed terribly far away due to time constraints/babysitting!


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I think that applies to out of town visitors that travel down from the Pacific NW!


If any LA people are up for it, we’re thinking of doing one this Saturday but are missing our two regular escapees. Only thing is it has to be within 30 min of Torrance as our kids will be at Parents Night Out at the Y from 530 to 930. And my wife won’t do any of the horror-themed rooms. Maybe one downtown or the west side? Just thought I’d throw this out there and see.

Should probably tag any possible LA folks, including those that might want to drive all the way down from the NW! @MattN @CraigM @belouski


Man if only, but…

Let’s be honest, the real deterrent is those two crashes ;)