I have returned ding dongs!

Well it’s happened! Tom gave me back my old username and today is the best day of my life after that time that I found a two dollar bill wrapped around a gold dabloon inside of a twinkie that looked like the Virgin Mary.

Anyway, thanks to all my fans that never stopped supporting me. Thanks to the Academy.


Spoofy who?

By the way, for those of you who may not know the history of my participation on QT3, here’s the long version of the history:

  1. I joined QT3 because Cathcart told me about it and he heard about it from somewhere
  2. I was scintillating
  3. I called into question the motives of a certain web comic duo and their charitable endeavors
  4. Chet called me a name
  5. I quit and scrambled my password and email address
  6. Some time later I regretted quitting
  7. I came back but was forced to choose a new username
  8. After wandering in the desert as MikeTwain for a while, I was finally allowed into the promised land again

Short version:

MikeTwain = SpoofyChop

But what about those 900-something posts you made as MikeTwain? That’ll make it so much harder to catch up with Jason McCullough…

This is true, but hopefully you will all mentally credit me with the 929 posts I did as MikeTwain.

Huh… I always thought MikeSofaer = SpoofyChop


Interestingly, I actually played A Tale in The Desert with Mike Sofaer last year or two years ago or whatever.

Swell guy. Just needs to work on the whole “bowtie” problem he has.

Yeah, that was fun. Except for my grades at the time, that sucked. I keep meaning to stop by THC-net to chat.

But … what’s a bow-tie problem? Is it a pasta thing?

And congratulations on getting the name back!

al dente!


Damn it, E5!

Wow! You’re even more confusing than I am!

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone on Quarter to Three and their families. Here’s a picture of a cat in a duck hat.

If you intended this picture to celebrate Easter, I just want to point out that there are no bunnys in this photograph. If, on the other hand, this picture is meant to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, then I would like to point out that there is no green or shamrocks in this photograph.

Can we please try to be a little more topical if we’re going to celebrate the Christian holidays?

Every day with Cathcart is Duck day!

Which died soon after this picture was taken.

  1. We have Cathcart to blame for all this.

Spoofy, there appears to be some typos in your quote. I fixed it for you!

To take the sting out, I was honestly rather unhappy to see you go the first time around. But the last six months of your MikeTwain persona hasn’t endeared me to any sort of triumphant return.

There goes the neigborhood.

There is a special place in Hell for you, Cathcart.

It is called Duckytus.

Welcome back, Spoofy. Denny sends his regards…

  • Alan